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Dry Sandwich

June 13, 2021

It rained hard on Friday. It is raining this Sunday morning early, and is supposed to continue for much of the day. That left Saturday as the day to spend dryer times outside.

First up was mundane indoor activities, bills and balancing. Finally hit the pavement with a goal of reaching the 520 bridge path.

This took us through campus, and graduation. There were smatterings of graduates in caps and gowns with families in tow, but not the huge throngs around the stadium that we have seen other years. I assume they used smaller venues and groups.

As we crossed Red Square one group was popping champagne.

Another group was doing skateboard tricks.

Last year’s graduates?

We only ventured a short way onto the 520 bridge, then decided to dodge over to the Montlake Cut for a snack break.

Feigning interest in a flower, hoping we would share our apple.
The building peeking out from behind the trees is the Pocock Boathouse of “Boys in the Boat” fame

Other sights.

Soylent Green, and not so soylent green

The last part of the walk took us through the farmer’s market where we picked up two tomato starts. And because they were tired looking by the time we got home, they are now in their new home.

Tomato Trials
Garlic, closer to harvest
Berry potential. Wasn’t expecting anything this first year, but maybe

The raspberry patch is not pictured. I have been negligent and really need to spend some time there. Maybe between showers today? Or lunchtime diversions next week.

If the weather gods allow, Carl will have a baseball game this afternoon. Or we’ll all stay dry, and home, like last weekend.


June 9, 2021

Four pokes in under 6 months! I am done with vaccinations for a while. Our 2 shingrix bookended the Covid (Moderna), and we definitely felt the shingrix the most. Both times there was a down day following the shot. The second was the worst, but it’s all in the rearview mirror now.

Warning, there could be too much TMI in the next few paragraphs. Feel free to stop here.

I added a headache to the sore arm and general malaise by passing out in the middle of the night. Unfortunately I was standing up at the time, and Carl decided that hanging on to a pickle was more important than trying to break my fall.

The pickle was for me. A salt delivery system to try and counteract the extremely painful foot and shin cramps I was experiencing. The cramps were probably due to not enough fluids, but we’re never quite sure. I had given blood a few days earlier. While Carl was obtaining the pickle, I had set my mind on getting to the bathroom and was slowly making my way along the dresser. I reached the end and then it all went black.

In Carl’s defense, the lights were off and I didn’t announce my imminent swoon. I also don’t think it happened in slow motion.

After figuring out I was on the floor, really, that was a moment I remember and I think I stated it out loud, of course I ate the pickle. I continued my trek, or rather scoot, to the bathroom because I still wanted to get there and trying to stand just brought back the cramps. Water, pickle juice, another pickle, Carl rubbing my legs, eventually we got back to bed. Of course, now fully hydrated, I got up every hour, made it to the bathroom safely, and drank even more.

Needless to say the alarm went off a bit too early for my liking. I did make it to the computer for the start of the workday, through the first meeting, but by 10 AM I called my boss and told him I was done for the day.

And I was. Moved the 5 feet to the couch and spent the day watching old movies, some TV, and napping. And then I went to bed early.

Today has been close to normal. Just a lingering headache when touched, and stiff neck muscles.

Spending the early evening enjoying the warmth on the deck, and noting the rhodys are all falling apart. Sort of like me.

It must be Monday

June 7, 2021

Sure looked like a Monday in Junuary this morning. Raining and a bit cold. And an ASAP request in my in-box to start the day. Carefully laid plans to get caught up on service requests were swept away. If I had only worked on the weekend…

Luckily the sun came out in time for our walk up to Bartells for our second Shingles shot. This human pincushion assignment had been put on hold in favor of the Covid shots, but we’re back on track now.

We also embarked on an empirical study to determine if chocolate counteracts the sore arm syndrome.

Early results suggest no.

I got through the Board presentation, commenting on a few other bits, to the final adjournment. Now I am exhausted and can’t tell if it is the vaccine or just work that has worn me out. I had a down day after the first shingles shot … history may be repeating itself.

On the bright side, Carl made Turkey Tacos for dinner, so I am well fed. And tired.

Weekend of Rain

June 6, 2021

Kind of a lost weekend. Or just get a few things done. Filing, shredding and paying bills was the focus of Saturday. This included a drive north to the convergence zone for the shredding drop off, and lunch.

The convergence zone is not a specific fixed location. It is where the weather patterns converge, and then weather happens. This location is usually north of Seattle city limits. As it was on Saturday when we left a perfectly lovely, mostly sunny afternoon, and drove into the teeth of the dark storm clouds and rain.

We did part with two bags of shredding, one bag of food for the food bank. We gained two brisket sandwiches, corn bread and some water. All individually packaged, and eaten in a socially distanced, covered area, as is almost normal after the many months of Covid. We also parted with a Marcos Gonzalez bobblehead for our fellow baseball fan financial advisor.

It’s interesting that this turned out to be our big adventure for the weekend. Carl’s baseball game on Sunday, in Tacoma, was rained out.

In other achievements

Completed 2000 piece puzzle

This puzzle was fun. It was big, requiring a large cardboard box laid on top of a card table. And it took a while to complete. It was colorful and varied. The first color attacked was yellow. The last was brown.

Today, about two thousand miles east, Corwin attended his first major league baseball game.

The real celebrant here is Rey, turning 34 today. And the Cardinals game was his idea. Cardinals lost 8 to 7 to the Reds, although the Cards made a game of it after having been down 7-0.

Happy birthday Rey.