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Is it hot enough for you?

June 27, 2021

97 was the hottest I saw for our neighborhood today. It is 7:30 PM, and I think the temperature outside is starting to drop. The house temperature got up to 86, maybe higher.

I did get out first thing this morning, and weed. It was shady and 73. When I came inside it was still shady but 83.

The reason for weeding is to give the strawberries their best chance. There is one large one on it’s way. It will undoubtedly ripen when we are gone. Along with the tomatoes, and the rest of the raspberries.

I also got ahead of the day and pulled the yard waste bin to the curb. And the recycling. The garbage remains. And just got a text from the city saying no yard waste pickup tomorrow, and they are starting at 6 AM.

On that note, due to the heat, we have closed our office tomorrow too. The HVAC is stretched. For people like me, nothing changes- work from home. The operations staff is on standby, with skeleton crew working. Of course, a few have been working today as well. Excessive heat plays havoc with electrical controls. They work, but have been sending alarms.

Birds serenading the weeder. Or waiting for the weeder to get out of their way.

Can’t wait for tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be even hotter.