The Storm Hits

Again, not here, but on the east coast.
Ashlan’s life just has a bit more going on than mine right now, so this is an unauthorized, somewhat spotty report on her life over the last 24 hours or so.

Both of her roommates had fled the area.
I am guessing this had nothing to do with the weather, but who knows.

Her apartment complex, Stuyvesant Town, is pretty much adjacent to the East River (I think that is the correct river), but upslope a bit. And her building is not right on the water side. Still, she was in Zone B.

Here is a picture from the northern side of Stuyvesant Town from some social media site.

Avenue C and 20th St

For comparison, here is the googlemap of approximately the same area.

Dryer times at Stuyvesant Town

She made a decision and evacuated to a friend’s place in Queens before the subways were shut down.
Of course, this afternoon Carl heard about a person killed in Queens when the storm dropped a tree on a house.
I did check in with Ashlan and she said they still had power and no tall trees next to the house.

She has been making friends with the resident kitten.
Apparently this kitten has a taste for fingers and computers.

A Quiet Cuddle Buddy Kitten

I only hope that her place of work stays closed until the subways start up again, or she will need to walk home, and then to work.

Her work zone just north of the Battery Park area.
Reports from this area indicate power out and flooding.

Battery Park Walk with Sandy

From our visit (just flip the direction – note the railings and lamps) about a month ago.

Battery Park Walk with Jay & Carl

Here I am living vicariously through my kids – still.

Late-breaking news from her area (where she is not)

Massive Transformer Explosion Rocks ConEd Plant On 14th Street [VIDEO]

PIX NEWSROOM10:41 p.m. EDT, October 29, 2012

A massive transformer explosion at the Con Edison plant on 14th Street reportedly knocked out power tens of thousands of customers in Lower Manhattan Monday evening.
The explosion happened shortly before 8:30 p.m. at the building located in Stuyvesant Town. <– This is where Ashlan livesAccording to PIX 11 viewer Mario Camilla, the explosion happened not far from his home near the FDR.
“There was an explosion about 5 minutes ago and I could see Blue sparks coming from the plant! The plant is dark and smoke stacks are not lit up!” he said in an email.

Con Ed has since confirmed the spectacular blow out, which was also captured on video, and said it was a substation equipment failure. The utility said at more or less the same time it lost power at its central command station but it has now been restored.
No injuries were reported.

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