Super Sunday

February 12, 2023

So, spoiler alert in case you have the game waiting on tape. And if you haven’t done Wordle today, and plan to, don’t scroll too far.

Kansas City Chiefs won. Yeah. Not that I really have an allegiance to either team, but Patrick Mahomes II is the son of a major league baseball player. My biggest complaint about KC is the inane and offensive chant that they do.

The saga of the hacked credit card continued with updating accounts that automatically charge the card. There’s at least one I have to call, but I think that chore is pretty much done.

And we took a relatively short walk to the grocery store to get some snacks.

Interesting tree. Like Frankenstein’s monster

As part of a more normal Sunday I played Wordle in the morning. Something I have never accomplished before. Got it in one.

Unexpected Chores

February 5, 2023

And here we go. I got an email from Scarecrow Video, because we are members. They had a link to an article about their store from CNN.

And I watched the Scarecrow story during my normal weekend chore of paying bills and balancing the books. The link was provided to me through an email.

But then there was the other email. Actually a few of them. Two that were obviously spam, with addresses clearly not associated with the subject line. Then one indicating I had signed up for a new account. ???? This was not on my radar. Followed closely by a Fraud alert from our credit card company. YES we were hacked. Two charges, including the one that the CC company caught. I immediately called, checked our account and found the second charge, which they will remove. So the card in question is cancelled with a new card on the way. When it arrives I will spend a few hours tracking down the places that charge automatically.

The only thing that made today easier was after this happened before a few years ago, we got a 2nd credit card. So we could actually still spend money today, if we chose.

We also took a walk, in the drizzle again. And I am sure I took a picture, but it is not on my camera now.

Back to the day’s main events. I got emails from both of the companies where the card was used, not by us. I replied to both, they already had my email, and suggested they cancel the purchase and not send the merchandise. One of the emails even had a name and address of where the purchase was to be sent. I plan to offer this info to the credit card company tomorrow.

So, to make my scattered brain think I did something today I am posting a picture from this morning. Breakfast before the day started.


February 4, 2023

Today was a typical Seattle winter day. At least how I remember them. You can be out in the rain all day and never get wet. Damp yes, wet no. This is why many Seattleites eschew umbrellas.

We walked in the rain. A few errands, and dropped off our ballot in a ballot box. King County adds more ballot boxes every year, and ballots may be mailed with no postage affixed. This is what making voting easier looks like.

The most exciting thing that happened on the walk was the number of sirens and emergency vehicles we encountered. First it was 2 fire trucks and a medic responding to a location a few blocks off of our route. Then there were numerous police and state patrol vehicles whizzing around with lights and sirens. I figure there were at least 10, and we rather veered away from the roads they were traveling.

I took what I thought might be a nice picture of moss on steps, but apparently my phone disagreed and decided to not save the image. So I will share one from a few days ago, notice the sun.

Detritus abandoned between the street and sidewalk.

Still sunny

January 30, 2023

In the winter in Seattle, sunny means cold. We need the clouds to hold in the meager heat like a blanket.

But because the sun was out, a walk was mandated. I put the long underwear back on and added my winter boots. They really made a difference, but not sure they would be my choice for a long walk. For today’s 2 shorter walks they were just fine.

This pair of boots were purchased for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. As it turns out I didn’t need the boots there as it was especially warm. So warm that our standing room tickets to ski-cross were canceled because there was no snow to stand on.

I am a cold person, so bundling up and using blankets is the norm. Carl is a warm person, so he doesn’t pay as much attention to keeping cold at bay.

We have been working on a jigsaw puzzle gifted to us this Christmas. It was a tough one, but last night Carl stayed up and finished.

Note the extra piece off to the right. We both spent time trying to figure out where it went.

The chair by the puzzle table backs up to the fireplace, and more importantly a draft. He woke me up in the middle of the night saying he couldn’t get his feet to warm up. Since he’s rarely cold to the core, he thought he was getting sick. But an added comforter did the trick. And staying away from the fireplace today.

Time for a Walk

January 29, 2023

Two things we had this weekend. 1) Not much planned and 2) Not much rain.

Saturday’s walk was from home to Capital Hill Light Rail station, train back to Roosevelt station, walk home. It was a good walk with both downhill and uphill stretches, but nothing extreme.

Montlake Bridge in the distance
A park pre-populated with vehicles. Our grandson would be smitten if he lived a few thousand miles closer
Really big tree. Carl for scale
Bentley. In the higher end area of Capital Hill
Hood ornament close up
Close up #2, look at the reflection for the “B”

Sunday’s walk was from home, through Wallingford and Fremont, and up to a friend’s new house in Queen Anne. Then lunch at a Thai restaurant and a ride home with another friend.

Today’s walk was downhill and then uphill, but this time the uphill was extreme. 200 feet vertical in 1,000 feet horizontal. And then more vertical, but not quite as steep.

Looking back at the steepest part of the walk. But you can’t really see it because it drops off so quickly.
Shadow of the bridge crossing Wolf Creek ravine. It’s deep. Very hard to get perspective.

When we reached our friends house we were ready to take a break.

The fun part was seeing their new house. It’s still pretty empty, with only a few items moved in, and very little furniture. Notably a chair, bookcase (with books) and a few lamps. Their goal is to initially move only what they are sure they want in the new house, and then take their time adding more pieces that seem to belong. After that exercise, they will decide what to do with the leftovers, including the old house. I was actually excited about the possibilities in the new house, like it was mine.

Both days were brisk. I wore long underwear, but again, no rain. Maybe another short walk tomorrow at lunch, but I don’t think I’ll be hitting the 10,000 step mark.

A Day in the Life

January 25, 2023

No earth shattering news today.

Comments completed and sent out for review.

Costco shopped on the way home from work. We always purchase stuff for the food bank. Other than eggs and peanut butter, most of what we buy is focused on small children and women. Feminine products, diapers and mostly formula. Damn that stuff is expensive!

The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely. All art is quite useless.” —Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Carl has a project, or several, through which he shares arcane facts with his baseball buddies. Today’s fact was about George somebody, who once hit a home run on Carl’s birthday, and today was his (George something’s) birthday.

In looking for items of interest to share about George, he found that he was a backup to a player who earned the title, the human fan, while playing in Japan, because his ability to hit the ball deserted him. The player who was the human fan was Gary Thomasson. Not willing to play backup to a human fan, George asked to be traded. But the really fun story follows Thomasson.

A Japanese artist,  Akasegawa Genpei, decided to call objects that are completely useless but still carefully maintained a Thomasson. He had noticed architectural objects that no longer served a purpose, but continued to be maintained. Stairways to nothing. A gate with no fence. Of course, this happened to us at work when somebody stole the fence around one of our sewer lift stations, and only the gate was left.

In order to be a Thomasson, an object must be cared for even though it’s completely pointless. I think I will have to keep my eyes open for a Thomasson.

A Thomasson
A different Thomasson


January 23, 2023

That describes 90 percent of my day. I am just now sitting down to relax. Slightly different than sitting down to work. Luckily, what I couldn’t focus on this weekend I was able to focus on today. To the point where I didn’t want to stop until I finished and could send if off for review and critique. That is commenting on my comments to comments recieved. In truth I have yet to respond to non-agency comments, but hope to get through those in the next day or two.

There was a walk at lunch. Thank you Carl. It was brisk, but sunny. I walked on the sunny side of the streets, adding maybe a degree or two to the feels like temperature.

Looks like a rather skeletal face. In other words, lunch.

Sunday Walk

January 22, 2023

At least part in the park. Green Lake Park to be exact. We walked to the park, and partway around the trail. There was a young busker at one bench site along the trail. He was about 8 by my guess, with a drum set. Music on a boombox that he accompanied. Tow the Line was the selection as we went past. Carl joked that this was how his parents could enjoy a little quiet at home.

We also saw a small raptor in a tree. Maybe a small hawk or kestrel. I did take a picture, but it is not worth sharing.

After a bit more along the lake path we cut back up into a neighborhood. Eventually we passed one of my favorite houses.

And then a newer more modest addition.

For the non-rainyness of the day, we didn’t run into many other neighborhood walkers. Perhaps they were all watching football.

Signs of spring were poking their noses up to test the air. When we finally made it back home, about 7500 steps later, I checked our yard. Low and behold…

Happy Year of the Rabbit

Weather Day

January 21, 2023





Snow, not enough to try packing


January 20, 2023

When I was working on my Master’s thesis, my professor told me it takes at least 7 re-writes to get a good product. That, and to not use the word “that” so much.

I am going through comments to my big project update. In response to requests for clarification of some points I am rereading parts of a chapter. Who decided this was fit to print?!? I understand why they are a bit confused. It looks like it might be at version 4.5. I know what it is trying to say, and can successfully read between the lines, and around the paragraphs. For others it probably appears to be a mind-map just splattered onto the page.

Please do not try to decipher

And then as the day wore on I started questioning the data in the tables in the chapter. Attempting to verify what I should say in the edited version I opened up multiple 2-3 year old databases and spreadsheets and thoroughly tied myself in knots. About to panic I suddenly realized the columns were discreet, not cumulative, and why some of the figures were higher than expected (by me). Like I said, the chapter description really needs some additional information.

A bit after 4 PM my boss stopped in to say he was leaving. He suggested I do the same as I looked intellectually spent.

So I did. Even had to put on my sunglasses, although the sun had dipped behind the Olympic Mountains before I really got headed west.

Time for a little something. The rewrite can wait for the morning.