My Hero 

May 26, 2017

This morning Carl and Rey got up early to meet with Steve and get a car. They succeeded and we now have wheels, but did not put them to use.

Lunch with Bob, and then the boys played some soccer,  Eric volleyball -basketball on the hotel sport court. Then back to hang out with Bob. 

The pre-dinner entertainment was a three-piece band. Jazz and some favorites,  including a polka. Enjoyable and a prelude to very tasty prime rib. As we were getting up to leave it became apparent that a woman at the adjacent table was in distress. One of the workers stepped in and tried to do the Heimlich maneuver. After 3 tries she said she needed somebody stronger. I actually started to move but looked at Carl,  obviously the strongest amoung us. He stepped in and three yanks later the offending prime rib bit was on the plate. 

Rey said she was turning purple. All I did was move a cup of coffee out of the way. I am very proud,  and glad Carl  was able to step in.

Here are the three generations.

Off we go

May 26, 2017

A few days ago we left sea level for something around mile high. We spent yesterday reconnecting with Rey and Bob. Always good to hear what everybody’s up to. Pictures at some future point,  when I have taken some worth sharing. 

Carl and Rey let me sleep in a bit this morning while they went about borrowing a car and finding out what Steve, Carl’s brother, is not doing. Running a business and caring for family seems to be more than a full time gig. 

The weather is so-so. Not too cold, with rain here and there. And of course it is nice in Seattle while we are gone. We could be missing summer. 

I only hope it’s reasonable on Monday,  our day in Denver. I don’t mind the rain,  but no rain would keep things a bit more predictable. 

Okay,  here’s one picture I took yesterday. 

Two, because he’s a sweetie. 

Baseball and Birds

May 22, 2017

The weekend was actually full of baseball and other bits thrown in around the games. And it was HOT. 

On Saturday we walked down to the Mariner game by way of the University Street Fair.  We noted some items of interest,  but did not buy, not even an elephant ear. The walk felt good, especially since the morning had been spent weeding in stooped positions. 

The Mariner game itself was full of ups and downs. The ups included our friend Kevin getting to warm up Jay Buhner before he threw out the first pitch of the game. 

Carl also met with Burke, an honoree in the 4th inning for his military service. He is the definition of spry, running off the field three days before his 93rd birthday.

The game,  however, was a stinker, and we left early.  I think the final score was 16-1.

Sunday dawned with more weeding. Instead of the 6 mile walk to the stadium, we satisfied the need to move with a shorter jaunt back to the street fair. We picked up a hummingbird for the backyard 

A new hat for Carl, and this caricature.

Then home for a short stint where I picked up some Indian food and Carl mowed the front lawn. And off to the game.

We had decided to head to the top deck patio to eat lunch before the game. On the stairs we ran into Ryan Rowland-Smith, an ex-player and sometimes broadcaster. He acknowledged Carl and said he had noticed he was not there as early as usual. I wonder how much attention they pay to the regulars. 

Finally making it to the top, we found a table to share while we ate our food, and met a few very nice like minded fellow baseball fans. Finally got to our sunny seats for the game, which we lost.

No game today, but Carl still fit in some baseball by going to a bookstore for a book signing with Lou Pinella.

And just to round this out, another bird.I think from a Starbucks on our Saturday walk.

The Tree

May 20, 2017

This post is sponsored by Jane. 

Just before my Michigan visit in March a big storm had blown through town, complete with trees down and power outages. Jane pointed out a tree at the parents house that was still upright but the split trunk appeared to be more split than before the storm. Much discussion ensued, with Jane and I leaning toward removing the leaning tree. Dad was of the opinion that the tree would continue to remain standing, and if it didn’t, was more likely to aim at the neighbors house.

Turns out everybody was right, more or less. 

Another high wind event blew through town, and one of the trunks descended all the way down, to the neighbors garage.

Dad was still not convinced that the remaining trunk needed to come down. I was trying to conspire with Jane to force the issue. In the end the tree guys called by the neighbors took down the remaining trunk in addition to cleaning up it’s sibling. 

He may have lost a tree, a Pig Nut Hickory,  but he gained several hours of entertainment. 

Shoe provided for scale. Size 7 I’m guessing. 

And in other news, it’s sunny today and we are enjoying some morning time on the back deck. 

This morning brought to you by working until 9 last night to finish off 6 preapps. 

Also on today’s docket, a little yard work and walking to the Mariner’s game via the University Street Fair. 


May 19, 2017

Mariners: Yesterday’s game, at over 3 hours, was not as quick as the day before  (2 hrs 35 mins), but it was a win. The win came on a single with the winning run scoring from second. It was cold, but not wet, and there were all sorts of dogs in the park for Bark in the Park. Although if they weren’t shown on the big screen,  and you weren’t seated near their section, you could have missed it entirely. 

What is not going to be enjoyed in person is tonight’s game. I had made all sorts of special arrangements to get to and from work without needing to park downtown. And then found out we don’t have tickets for tonight’s game. So I bailed on my arrangements and drove to work myself. 

Traffic: The idea to get in early part of the arrangement stuck, so I left about 1/2 hour earlier than normal. OMG it was more like a video game than a commute. Cars changing lanes, speeding around, driving fast enough for a few to be sitting on the side of the road with flashing light friends. 

Mistaken: Carl was walking to the stadium from his parking spot a few days ago and had dodged one street off of the main street to avoid bothering a man who was dancing on the sidewalk to his own tunes. On the parallel less traveled road he noticed a pile of aerosol can caps and cans without their sprayers. Remembering our encounter with a huffer from a few days earlier he stopped to take a picture.  While he was fumbling with his phone a van pulled up,  opened their door, and asked if he needed anything. When he stood up and looked at the van they said, “you’re not homeless!” Carl agreed and thanked them for asking.

This reminded us of the time Rey arrived home from school with a bag of clothes given to him as he got on the school bus. He always wore sweatpants,  and sometimes holey ones …

Sunny day and time for work. 

Rain and Work 

May 17, 2017

I don’t even know how many days it has been without at least some rain. Later this week it may happen. My carpooler told me we could double our sunny days for the year in the next week. 

We did have the pleasure of meeting Tim, Allen’s father, who is Ashlan’s boyfriend. Dinner Thursday and the Mariners game on Monday,  which they won. A really nice guy and I can’t believe how much he packed into his time in Seattle, including a U2 concert. It would have worn me out.

Monday’s Mariner game was a win, but it wound into more than the game. One of our friends started feeling poorly, which morphed into meeting the stadium medics, a hunt for a strange car on the streets of Seattle,  driving a Saab with lots of warning messages and breaking through police barricades. In the end everybody is okay and the car survived. 

Carl went solo to the Mariners last night. He caught the losing home run, and no he didn’t throw it back. (See the ball in the end of his mitt)

I will be joining him tonight.  Hoping for warmer weather and a win.

Time Flies

May 11, 2017

We’ve been busy. And the Mariners were in town. At least through last weekend. Then the rain left for two days, but now it’s back. 

Yesterday after work we took advantage of the dry. Carl mowed the lawn, and we took a walk to get our hair cut. On our walk we watched some very young kids playing t-ball, and a not so young person huffing. 

The huffer was in the same place when we passed on our way home,  only he was passing out. When he didn’t respond to repeated questions I called 911. He finally came to and the medic dispatcher asked if he wanted help. He shook his head no, so we moved along.

This is the prettier sight.

I think we did the right thing, even if he may not have appreciated the gesture. 

Logistics updated

May 2, 2017

Update: All went per plan, except the Mariners game went 11 innings, ending shortly after midnight. That meant the car retrieval was after 12:30, and bedtime after 1 am!
Our current logistics dance of the cars started last night. I had a 4 o’clock meeting that ended a bit after 6:30, finally leaving after 7 PM. As soon as I got home we left to drop my car off for regular maintenance. 

Not a big deal, and we stopped at Rock’s for dinner. 

This morning my carpooler picked me up for a ride to work, and that will be the last normal part of the schedule. 

Tonight’s meeting doesn’t start until 6:30. But my carpooler is leaving in the afternoon for Kennewick. So late at night at work with no car.

I am fairly certain my boss will allow me to take a vehicle home for the evening. Or pull out our emergency beds. Or wait for the Mariner game to end and have Carl come pick me up. (A 50 mile addition to his trip. ) 

So tomorrow morning I will have a work vehicle to get to work, but no car to get home. Likely solution is to take the bus home  (or to the Wednesday night Mariner game).

What’s missing from this is retrieving my car post maintenance. I will need it by Thursday morning. Carl’s schedule is central to getting to the shop to pay the bill and retrieve the key. Field trip with the kids?? 

A perfect storm of cars and drivers.

Little One’s Day

April 30, 2017

Each child has certain nicknames when they are young. For Ashlan, mine was Little One. Carl was going through one of our closets and came upon some boxes that include a few items left behind by Little One. We don’t mind storing a bit or two. We have a large house, and both kids are in apartments, and still fairly mobile.

ashlan kitty

In addition to Kitty and Kitty’s box friends, there was a small photo album. Here is a selection from that album.

Ashlan + Rey beach

I don’t know why she is always trying to get her hair to be straight.

Ashlan 1990 whiffle

Big Eyes

Ashlan big eyes littleAshlan big eyes little_0001Family + Cabin 1991 maybeR-H on beach with Bob

The last one is included because she has the “look”. And then there’s Bob.

Happy Birthday Little One!

He Walked at Night

April 30, 2017

We started our morning with a movie of the film noir persuasion. The movie of the title above was, “low budget from a second rate studio.” But it turned out to be a precursor of many others, and likely of the TV show Dragnet. Jack Webb played the CSI style scientist in the movie, and he obviously used much that was included in the movie in the TV show.

It was based on a true story – but I will let Wiki tell the story.

he walked at night

In addition to Cinema, we spent time looking at CPAPs on line, and looking for recipes for Cake Cookies, and thinking about Children. Most of these have to do with errands and future plans. The movie was not planned ahead of time, but was a nice diversion on a somewhat busy, yet quiet, day.

I will leave it at that for now. The Halibut is done (not a C word, but we don’t want it to sit in the refrigerator).