1 Year

June 18, 2019

It’s Carl’s one year heartiversity!

That is one year of becoming bionic or cyborg or something slightly better than before.

That’s Turkey meatloaf, in case you’re wondering.

Can you spot today’s theme?

Only one year ago. Sometimes it seems much longer.

Here’s to many more heartiversitys.

June 13, 2019

West Side Story was our show this week. It was true to the original songs and choreography. If only I could have seen the entire stage. About 1/3 was blocked by the tall person in front of me. Usually I can find a view corridor, but not this time. And it was well attended, so shifting wasn’t an option either.

Temperatures have been rising as well. It was 95 at work when I left yesterday. Only 90 at home. The rest of the week is predicted to be nice, in the 70s.

I am not in the habit of watering, yet. This morning I watered the chives and a few other selected plants. I didn’t have time for the raspberries, and assigned them to Carl.

Carl has been doing a lot of yard work, weeding and pruning (hacking). Maybe the lawn today.



So the garlic experiment is still a bit of a mystery to me. Some new plant parts appeared (grew), so perhaps my expected timing of the harvest was way off. But they are in the way of my tomatoes.

Hard to tell the new bit from this picture. Like a flower.


June 9, 2019

Nice day for a walk, so we put together a short list of errands together and set out.

Home to U Village to Metropolitan Market to Ravenna Park to home. About five miles in all, with lots of ups and downs. Toner, chicken and cherries.

And a few trees or at least trunks of note.

Who knew gnomes and dinosaurs coexisted?

This was a huge street tree. I wonder if the original planting envisioned the trunk extending from curb to sidewalk.

Lovely day.


June 8, 2019

An odd theme for a Saturday, but sometimes it just happens that way.I was undertaking the weekly ritual of refilling the pill tray when I realized that the blood thinner was out. I actually knew this, and had reordered last week. But the refill had not arrived! So now there will be a trip to the pharmacy…On the other side, I am donating a pint of the thicker stuff today. It’s been a while, and I think the last time I tried they turned me down. But today they are taking a pint.Really I do this for a valid excuse to not have to do yard work this afternoon.Later this afternoon Carl has a baseball game. It looks like the weather will cooperate for a nice time.

HB day

June 6, 2019

To one of the lights of my life.

Baseball, Amateur Style

June 3, 2019

No, not the Mariners. They’re too young. These are over 60 folks. Many are professionals, just not in baseball.

And the season is finally underway.

Carl pitched the middle 3 innings, and I think he pitched well.

In the end their team lost, but playing is the point.

Last year Carl played just one game before the doctors shelved the season in favor of open heart surgery. This year we are going for ice baths instead.

The first game was Friday night. Their next game is Monday night, so we’ll see how he does.

And … it’s Monday night. Carl is busy keeping score, and there have been many hits to tally. I heard a rumor he might be pitching in a bit.

Color Red

June 2, 2019

We are in recovery mode from a lovely, but short, trip to Colorado. The focus of the trip was getting together with people we don’t see frequently.

This started off with an airport rendezvous, and we all, Becca, Rey, Ashlan, Carl and myself, left said airport together.

We immediately moved into a bonus round. My sister and her husband were in Boulder for a few days. So we stopped to have lunch. I used to live in Boulder, but barely recognized anything. There was a Safeway that I used to walk to, but my path was now filled with an office building. We did not explore further to find my basement apartment.

Lunch and tea was held at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse. It was lovely. The building was shipped from a sister city in Tajikistan, and reconstructed here. Please excuse my few excuses of pictures, they don’t really capture the beauty.

Teahouse ceiling

Sorry, no pictures of the bonus folks, but I have purloined a picture of the immediate family taken by Mark, the photographer extraordinaire.

Next up was the fun Fort and our seat of operations for the next few days.

Again, being with family is our focus.

Three generations

We took a drive up to Horsetooth Reservoir.

And down into town.

Because it is baseball season, we had to fit in a Rockies game.

Coors Field pre-game

An original staff member with original uniform patch

Mr. Beard (yes, really)

Colorado is usually dry. But of course, it started raining in the 3rd or 4th inning. We moved up under cover and the game continued. The Rockies prevailed and we skedaddled to a shuttle that delivered us close to our parking spot.

A weather side note. When we rented the car the rental agent pressured us to at least get the liability insurance that would cover hail damage. The joke became me always scouting for cover where I could move the car if it started hailing. My little brown Honda had hail dents from my time living in Colorado, so they are a real thing. While we were in Fort Collins there was a substantial hail storm in Denver. But we dodged a bullet and the hail this trip.

The next day started at Snooze, a breakfast eatery.

Then it was on to the Denver Art Museum. I enjoyed their mixture of modern and older.

The final outing, after a tasty Thai lunch, was City Park. We walked around, one mile high,

dodged geese

and hung out at a water spray park. The highlight was watching a toddler chasing the water spouts. He stayed dry for longer than you would expect, probably because he kept moving towards where the water had been. Even when he was finally doused, he did not get visibly upset.

The car rental return was incredibly quick. They must be schooled in checking for hail damage. We were whisked to DIA, where we hung out waiting for our respective flights. One last round of hugs and we were off for home.

This was a good trip. Catching up with family, spending a bit of time together.


May 22, 2019

The pink camellias came and went. We currently are enjoying the pink rhododendrons. We also had pink tulips, but the daffodils were yellow, with a little white.

Pink was never my favorite color, and I probably avoided it for a long time. But then there were the 3-day walks where pink was the primary color and I collected a few pieces of clothing, that I still wear. I like to think of them as a shade of purple, which may be my favorite color.

And then there is translucent brown. The color of coffee. A morning favorite. Blue plays a big part too. Not just in clothes, but in happy skies. At least skies that can make me happy.

I don’t know where I am going with this. Oh yeah, to work.

Work, work, work, work, work.

Sitting in the Sun

May 21, 2019

And the Mariners are actually ahead. At least for the moment.

And on that note they just tried the whiffle ball play, hitting the runner in the back. But he is out?!? So either we are playing whiffle ball or he was out of the baseline when he was hit.


So the Mariners won. I have been at work all day. It’s now, finally time to go home.


So the Mariners lost, 10 to 9. But we were busy watching Perry Mason reruns. It was a particularly funny one, at least for the lines fed by Paul Drake to all the pretty women. We also paid bills and prepped for future meals.


Laundry folded, coffee made, carpool arrived, and we are driving through the sprinkles to work.

I will start today with an affirmative statement to get some project moved forward.

Yes, we are in the carpool lane, although the general purpose lanes are pretty open.

Work, work, work, work, work.

See you on the flip side.

Can Gozer be Far Behind

May 17, 2019

I think I have the correct reference.

But who knows.

It has been hectic. Work continues at a hot pace, and the Mariners are back in town.

My life in a nutshell.

Not necessarily a bad thing. But sometimes I long for sleeping in, yet still being doing things by 7 am. I like the weekend days when necessary activities are getting accomplished and it’s only 10 in the morning.

The weather is being very springlike. Lots of wetness, but not bitterly cold. This means the garden area will quickly get out of control. Why didn’t I weed more when it was nicer? I could have given up a walk or two.

My prioritization skills can be sorely lacking.

On that note, it is time to figure out today’s priorities. I have an inkling these will really be somebody else’s priorities.