Day Late

April 23, 2019

Happy earth day.

And now we are out on the town. Judging by the audience demographics, this show is probably from a book read in school.

I am not familiar with this story. It’s entertaining. The sound system is a bit heavy on the band, sometimes obscuring the lyrics. But enjoyable and a very energetic crowd.

We walked to the light rail and transited downtown. The Drumheller fountain on the UW campus is having a bit of work done, allowing us to see under the water.

That sort of ties in with the show, son of Posidien and all.

I just hope the Gods of water are pleased enough with the show to hold back their precipitation.

Easter Weekend

April 21, 2019

We had pizza for dinner. Not very Easterish, and definitely not appropriate for Passover. But it fit our energy level for dinnertime.

This followed about 4 hours of intense yard work. Weeding, mowing, clearing and working on the raspberry patch. Which followed yesterday.

Camellias are pretty, until you’re trying to clear fallen blooms off of the other plants

Before the yard work, in the wee hours (for a weekend), Carl played the Easter bunny for the kids he cares for.

They looked like they had fun.

Yesterday’s exercise was 8 miles of walking. We reprised our normal stadium walk to see the Garfield High School baseball team participate in the High School Baseball Classic at T-Mobile park. In the end they lost their game on a wild pitch, 2-1. It was a fun event nonetheless. Saw some friends and ballpark acquaintances.

We did not walk the entire way home, opting to take light rail to the UW and walk the final 2 miles. On the way home we passed by the site of the Burke Museum. At least where it used to be located.

There is a totem on the left, the beak is the pointy bit poking out from the vegetation. The empty space is where the Burke was. The new Burke is the building beyond on the right.

Yesterday we had the energy to muster dinner, even after 8 miles. Okay, it was sort of leftovers. Turkey burgers, prepped the night before, and roasted sweet potatoes.

Now I only need to decide how soon I can go to bed.

Finally Friday

April 19, 2019

At some point during both Wednesday and Thursday I thought it was Friday. It is finally here.

And it’s raining!

The forecast for the weekend is not raining, and a bit warmer. Hopefully that will pan out so we can take a real walk, and maybe weed. And fix the raspberry patch “fence.” This is the loose grid of stakes and bamboo pieces, held together at junction points by zip ties.

In other news, tulips are taking over for the waning daffodils.

Sometimes you just can’t get away from work

April 17, 2019

It all comes down to having to pay to pee.

Seems like I remember having to pay a dime to get into the stall. Nobody else I have mentioned this to has a similar memory. Was it at airports? Shopping centers? Theaters? Ski “resorts”? My memory only includes the bathroom interiors.

Jackie’s Day

April 16, 2019

If only we could have won the game.

Back, back, back

April 12, 2019

So I tied my shoes Tuesday morning. And felt that twinge in my lower back. By the time I got to work it was in full fledged moving gingerly to avoid the shooting pains.

I muddled through the next 2 days with a back patch, advil and moving my desk to a standing position. And finally on day 3, when it was starting to improve, went to a chiropractor.

I have been to chiropractors in the past, but the last one really soured me on the profession. I don’t think he was totally above board, supported by the fact that it seemed he sort of eventually skipped town.

The person I went to yesterday has been used and recommended by several people at work. I felt relatively comfortable with him, and will return on Monday.

The pain was in evidence this morning, but dissipates with movement.

In other news, how about those Mariners! Surprisingly good so far. We keep waiting for reality to arrive, but are enjoying the present situation.

Fake Grandparents

April 7, 2019

Carl is a manny, but when we spend the night we transform into fake grandparents.

A birthday of note was the reason for parents night out and our night in. Dinner, hot wheels, books and lots of Lego time.

I joined in on the floor, until my body reminded me that staying in one position too long makes my joints squeak.

I was just aimlessly putting pieces together, without a real vision.

Dean then took my creation and added some embellishments. He then declared it was “cool.”

Audrey’s creation was more like the creations Ashlan used to make. More village like.

All in all a pretty good evening.

Audrey departed with her soccer coach for her game this morning. Between the light rain and bringing the car without the car seats, we have decided to stay at the house with Dean.

Of course there was a Starbucks run … Caregiving in Seattle.

Marie, Dancing Still

April 3, 2019

This is the title of the show we saw last night. It’s a new musical, trying to make it to Broadway.

I think it has a chance, and I would be able to say, “I saw it when…”. Aside from the actors and dancers, they did some projections on the scenery that I thought were compelling. In the opening number they add color in brushstrokes as Marie dances around the stage. During intermission they projected Degas’ sketches for the sculpture on the curtain.

The picture frame effect around the stage was also a nice touch. The singing was good as well. Carl thinks they may be missing a hook song, the one you leave the theater singing.

All in all, an entertaining night out.

And the Mariners won, again. 7 and 1. Carl did attend batting practice before the show. He wanted to hear a former charge’s choir sing the anthem (during their practice run), and spent some time with her parents and grandparents. He also got 4 baseballs. And for those that stayed for the game, it was over well before the play, just 2 hours 16 minutes.

Time for an early evening.

Morning show

April 2, 2019

Last night out, at the ballpark again. Despite their efforts to error (4) their way to a loss, the Mariners won, again. Fun times, but a later night than was hoped for.

I took a not quite light look into the backyard this morning.

Forsythia, rhododendron and camellia

Garlic, from above


Tonight we are going out again. This time to a play. Previously called Little Dancer, the title has been changed to Marie, Dancing Still. The musical is new and revolves around Degas sculpture known as Little Dancer, Aged 14. That’s the extent of my knowledge at this time. Another late night. But, should be fun.

Spring Warmth

March 31, 2019

We walked today. How could we not. Sunny, and in the 60s. 18,000 plus steps for me, over 20,000 for Carl.

From our house we headed south to the Seattle Center. Lots of families, skateboard crews, sunbathers and wet kids.

Our real goal, other than exercise, was dinner with friends at a Thai restaurant followed by the Seattle Men’s Chorus.

This show celebrated Cher. It featured Chad Michaels, a drag queen with Cher as a specialty. And even better it featured 2 Cher stalkers who appeared throughout the show, looking for the diva. Their schtick was really funny and tied the show together nicely. They were also winners of a contest to do this performance. They are not members of the Chorus, yet. They could both sing well. And we are pretty sure the marriage proposal near the end of the show was legit.

Today was also sunny and 60s, but chores were calling. A little yard work, laundry including sheets and towels from our 5 recent house guests, making beds, and a few other odds and ends.

Tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone. And a baseball game!