So many things

November 8, 2022

Sad – baseball season is over, and the bad guys won. Evil Astros if you didn’t know.

Happy – Grandson number one is 3 today. Three at last, three at last! Thank God Almighty, three at last.

Thankful – I have now been gainfully employed at the same place for 35 years. The anniversary was noted at our Board meeting last night. It’s nice to be appreciated, but can be a bit much. For a while it sounded like I was retiring. (Not quite yet.)

Anxious – and avoiding. Probably watch Only Murders in the Building, and stay away from your regularly scheduled programs tonight.


October 16, 2022

I feel like I have a hangover. And all I drank yesterday was coffee and water.


We left our house around 9:15 AM, to enjoy a day at the ballpark. We finally returned just about 9 PM. The house was dark, no lights had been left on, inside or outside.

What we did not expect was 18 innings of baseball, 2 full games. 6 hours and 22 minutes from first pitch to last. And the packed stadium stayed packed to the bitter end.

Although I am not sure bitter is the correct word. Yes, it was not a happy ending, and my hope to have to struggle to get up and head to the park again today was not to be, there was still a sense of accomplishment. The team made it to the ALDS series. One of the last 8 teams standing.

Not for 21 years had we been invited to spend money for extra baseball. The next few VISA bills should be exciting with payments and then refunds.

The 14th inning stretch

And for 17 innings the Astros were held scoreless. Of course, so were the Mariners.

Rally fez, some inning in the teens

The light rail down was only modestly full. Others going for the opening of the gates, and some workers. The Husky football crowd was not yet packing for their game.

Post game we decided to walk up into downtown and catch the train further along its route. This was not a bad idea, but we should have walked one more stop, to Westlake, instead of stopping at University Street. We just missed one train, and couldn’t find a place to squeeze into the next. We decided we were going to get onto the next, no matter what. One of our group got into one car, and we went to the next, which was ever so slightly like a sardine can. We could see some spaces that hadn’t filled in, and at the Westlake stop were able to get to a better standing location. I am still glad that we walked, it helped to mentally sort what had happened.

Which brings us to today. The body is creaky and the voice is rough. Maybe from the smoke, but also from the innings of cheering. And just tired. And waiting for next year.

Playoff Win #2

October 8, 2022

We went to T-Mobile Park again today. Per baseball superstitions we sat in the same place, with most of the same people. That’s about where the similarity ended.

Yesterday we were in the happy position of being in the lead from the first inning. Not a laugher, but comfortable.

Today the Mariners didn’t have the lead until the 9th. And it was very uncomfortable. Until the end. At which point it was jubilant.

To try and manage the energy and angst we decided to walk to the game. We used to do this regularly, but light rail has made it easier to transit. With about 6 miles under our belt we were ready to sit back and enjoy the game.

But this game had to be earned. Including the moments when we were sure we were going to be back in the stadium tomorrow. And there are other tasks that shouldn’t be completely ignored.

And rally shoes?! I like it if only because it was created by a fan, and not MLB. They showed it on ESPN, but I don’t think the announcers understood its small start at a point in the game where the Mariners showed they intended to make it a game.

Rally Shoe, care of Carl

And I also discovered that clapping your hands gives you steps. I had a lot of steps from the walk. Currently at 17,735. I think about 2,000 are from clapping.

Most important outcome from today is that we will have a home game next Saturday!

The Section 106 Core Fans

As Mark opined during the game. I hate baseball! I love baseball!

Finally, a Playoff Game Win

October 8, 2022

The last time the Mariners were in the playoffs we were pulling the kids out of school to attend games. Now they have kids of their own.

We went to the viewing party at T-Mobile Park yesterday. It was nice, warm and just fun. I expect today’s to be significantly more crowded because it’s the weekend. Only the real diehards are willing to take vacation. And the Mariners WON!

I tried to capture the crowd leaving the park, and failed. But luckily, a friend succeeded.

First playoff win in decades

Dennis Nyback – RIP

October 7, 2022

Too soon.

One of our end of the regular season plans was to get our friend of several decades up from Portland to watch a few more Mariner games. Carl met Dennis in the Kingdome during batting practice in 1984, when Dennis stepped in front of Carl to catch a ball. All’s fair in love and war, was the explanation. And a friendship began.

Dennis was around, although there were a few years when he was elsewhere, like NYC. And frequently overseas for film shows that he put on. His main avocation was as a film archivist, and he would put together a thematic show of old films on request.

Our particular connection included summers when he would stay at our house, and at other times as well. Dennis knew how to live simply. Use of our house as a base of operations was what Carl considered our contribution to supporting the arts. We were one of his Seattle residences, including using our residence as his voting location. I finally insisted he tell the powers that be that he had moved (to Portland). He had been called for jury duty and they were threatening with some action. I was sure they were going to show up at our door with a warrant.

Dennis with Carl’s daycare kids in Tacoma. Dennis, Will, Kelsey, Ashlan, Rey and Van

The backyard film shows, popcorn ceiling removal, jambalaya for Thanksgiving, and other memories keep popping up.

We did not succeed in our quest for one more game. His condition had been changing daily, and we were up to about Plan G in how to manage the trip. Dennis decided to leave us on Sunday, two days before we were to gather him for the game. I fully believe he made his own decision, having found his way home.

There is so much more to Dennis though. Check out his wikipedia page, or Facebook page for others stories. They are legend, and span the world.

The Drought is Over

September 30, 2022

1. A post, in I don’t know how long.

2. The Mariners are going to the playoffs.

It feels more like 1995 than 2001. I miss having the kids being there through the trials of getting there. That said, the ending tonight followed the script.

Tie game. Bottom of the 9th. 2 outs. Full count. HOME RUN FOR THE WIN.

In front of a sold out crowd on Fan Appreciation Day.

With respect to number 1, my What I Did On My Summer Vacation report is in the works.

Night Out

July 21, 2022

I think this was our first time at an indoor performance since March 2020.

We went to the 5th Avenue theater to see Come From Away.

And to help us with our decision, they required masks and vaccination. I am guessing they put that policy in place when they were selling season tickets last year, but I was happy. The place was packed.

It was as good as I remember. The story is compelling, largely because it is true. And the music was great.

It’s not that we don’t go places, but they are generally outside. So who knows when we will get out to the indoors again.


July 9, 2022

A 5 letter word

3 of the 4 breakfast fruits came from the garden
The morning haul. 2 days worth, because I didn’t pick yesterday. Or water for that matter.

I have frequently repeated, I am not much of a gardener, but I will work for food.

Short post. Back to work. If you look closely you can see my breakfast is sitting on work notes.


July 8, 2022

After 39 years working at the District, a dear friend is retiring. It’s a Friday. Her last day. And it’s almost 8 PM. She got to work at about 7 AM.

At the computer, finishing up those last details. Bouquets celebrating 39 years in the foreground.
5 orchids, packed for the ride home

You might think this was poor planning, but I think it shows the dedication to leave your workplace in as good shape as possible. She gave months of notice, and has been working with her replacement for several months. But in the meantime, her department’s 2 other financial folks left for various reasons. So she has also been training their replacements.

Even cleaning out her desk means multiple micro decisions. I have been taking notes. While it is still a ways away, I should start working towards leaving my last day at the normal hour.

I did let her do the honors of setting the building alarm for the last time when we finally left.

Happy 37 Years

July 5, 2022