Ninety Awesome Years

March 22, 2019

Happy birthday Mom!

I wish I were there to tell you how much I love you, and respect what you taught me through the years.

Keep on keeping on.

Mariners Redux

March 21, 2019


This is apparently Ichiro’s last game. They are saying he is going to retire after today’s game.

I left work a little early yesterday. The early morning caught up with my focus. But yesterday’s early rising also allowed me to successfully go to bed early. That is, I actually fell asleep, and stayed asleep. So I was able to get up early this morning with a pretty good night’s sleep.

Carl was up and down yesterday and had a hitting session last night. He did get up for this morning’s game, but went back to bed after the 5th inning.

The Ichiro send off was so emotional. It would be perfect if the Mariners could actually win the game.

No early to work benefit from game 2. Extra innings. I may have to figure out what radio station is carrying the game.



Mariner’s Baseball!

March 20, 2019

And at 2:35 am, the season is underway. This self-imposed early rising should make the rest of the day interesting.

The A’s may have hit the first HR of the game, but a new Mariner (Santana) hit the first Grand Slam HR. (5-3 Mariners, but only the top of the 3rd inning.).

We are texting with our seatmates. One up early, or possibly still up. The other is celebrating his 5th evening in Tokyo.

And after 3 cups of coffee, some mango and toast, it is time to go to work. Final score. Mariners win 9-7. 1st place!

Vestiges of Spring

March 18, 2019

Bunnies on the ball field.


And, hopefully the last of the snow.

I posted the series because I think this is the longest period of snow in our yard. Perhaps ever. It first snow fell February 4th. The last picture was this morning, March 18th. And it was 60 degrees in the sun yesterday. With a high of 70 predicted today, the last bit should disappear.

If you have read Boys in the Boat, you should recognize this name. If not, read the book, it’s excellent.

Some of those shells in motion.

And finally, The Mountain was out during our weekend meandering.

Official Work Morning

March 8, 2019

Tanks are us week.

This is a City of Seattle tank, at 32 million gallons, a bit larger than the 2 million gallon tank pictured earlier this week.

Well, the tank is underground

352 feet in diameter. Up to 55 feet tall. It’s immense. A forest of columns.

The hole in this tank is smaller than the hole in the tank at our office, but we cut the hole in our tank on purpose.

One of the many interesting (to me) aspects of this structure is the underdrain system. It includes perforated concrete pipes. And each of the perforations was hand drilled.

Here is a rather high hard hat. I don’t wear it often, so I haven’t bothered to try any adjustments.

Would you pay attention to this job boss?

Stranger Sights

March 7, 2019


Okay, it’s not that much, yet. It’s the principle.

Strange Sights

March 6, 2019

I arrived at work after dropping off the boys, at around 4 am. That is the drop off was at 4, work arrival a bit later.

There’s a hole in our tank!

The 2 million gallons that usually resides in this tank is on vacation while we do some seismic upgrades.

I managed to stay productive today, more or less. And then was greeted by this car as I neared home.

Time to find the inside of my eyelids.


March 5, 2019

Carl and the boys are leaving in the morning. Early in the morning.

It’s 8 PM and I should be going to bed. It will be the opportunity for 7 hours of sleep.

Carl is packed and ready. A second is scheduled to arrive in an hour, at which point he will be considered packed and ready. The third will be unknown until we arrive at his domicile at 3:40 in the morning.

So this will be it for tonight.

Nothing to see here.


Still Cold

March 3, 2019

It has been a month since the snow first fell in Seattle.

February 9th

March 3rd

The first snow fell 4 days before the first picture, but we were in Nashville.

We walked yesterday to a party and back, and today we walked to the store and back. And I wear a scarf, hat, gloves and jacket every day.

For the record, I did not get the raspberries pruned. But I did get some vacation planning done. For two different vacations! One was just changing lodging and a car. Bonus, extending the car rental for a day ended with a lower total price!

Tomorrow it’s going to be pedal to the metal at work. I almost wish I had done some work work over the weekend, but it is satisfying to plan for visits with friends and family.

The Beast Lingers

March 2, 2019

I need to walk.

I need to be warm.

I need to prune the raspberries.

Walking is completely possible. There are several choices. Time to get other things done is the enemy. Last week we thought about a walk that started and ended on bus lines. Just to get in a walk that wasn’t burdened by our houses location. It also takes away the circular requirement. Today’s walk will almost certainly be focused towards a friends’ birthday party. (70!)

Warmth should be possible. Layers and all. But I long for just being warm, without having to work to be warm. I found myself standing in front of a bank of south-facing second floor windows at work, soaking in the warm sun. Longing.

The raspberries are supposed to be pruned early in the year. I generally get it done in January or February. It is March! It is also not raining, or snowing (it is cold enough). So that chore is definitely on my weekend list.

The Beast

The question is, will it be warm enough to convince myself to go prune before walking to the mid day party? It’s currently 35 degrees. We’ll see.