Last Day of Vacation 

December 26, 2017

I am writing this sitting comfortably in JFK’s terminal, waiting for our boarding call. Ashlan and Allen walked us halfway to our subway entrance and then turned left to go see a movie. Today’s subway adventure had the added bonus of a train detoured from its normal route.  [Catch the E on the F track.] We managed, and even had strangers offering to assist with directions. (My teal coat was a dead giveaway to not being an inhabitant of Gotham. ) From the subway it was back onto the AirTrain to terminal 5. We almost felt like pros, especially compared with our arrival 5 days ago. Either way, Ashlan did a pretty good job of kicking us out of the nest this trip.

Before the departure we spent some time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The primary goal, for me was the Michelangelo exhibit. I spent time wandering through while the others did a more abbreviated version but also saw the Hockney exhibit. (The Michelangelo exhibit was really crowded.) 

Most of the works were studies, sketches or “cartoons”, which I quite enjoyed. His use and reuse of a sheet of paper reminded me of some papers in my office. After a while I will have to start crossing out items that have been completed until I can finally recycle the sheet.

I chose 3 to memorialize. The first includes a poem about painting the Sistine Chapel. The second had a cat. And the third was a study of column bases that ended with a whimsical man’s face in profile. 

A brief look at some Rodin and we were back out on the street. Carl has always enjoyed his hands.

Photobomb by little one.

Lunch, and a walk back to the apartment to gather luggage and depart. So here we sit, awaiting our return. Back to work tomorrow. 

Happy Christmas 

December 25, 2017

Carl and I decided to take a walk this morning while waiting for the kids to wake up. [What a switch from the early years]

We  watched the trash swirl as we walked down 10th. (Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow.) We started at 49th, aiming at the High Line, at about 30th. When we tried to cross 39th we both got blown about 5 feet sideways, struggling to stay upright. So we decided it was better to turn around and find coffee. 

Next up was a walk to the Rockefeller Center and environs.

One more night in the big city.
And one more joke from the show the other night.

Life in the Big City

December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas to us. Allen’s mother was in town yesterday, so gift giving was moved up a few days. It was fun – 7 sharing their holiday. And lunch. Also walking  (it is NYC after all). 

Later in the evening the group split in two for 2 different shows. Ours was The Play that Goes Wrong. The show actually begins before the lights dim, with cast members going through the crowd looking for a dog (also a cast member). The playbill has the playbill for the show within the show,  complete with cast biographies and ads. A complete production and laugh out loud throughout. 

Carl and I got to experience one of our presents this morning. A spa/baths experience including a massage. Again we managed to get there and back successfully solo, including finding a grocery store.

That set us up for a bacon, eggs and pancake breakfast at Ashlan and Allen’s place. Allen’s sister Danielle and her fiance Sterling, were cooking for their feast later. 

Apparently today’s theme is bacon.

We left Ashlan and Allen playing a virtual reality game where they must communicate – one with directions and one with the controls. 

Ashlan was not on board with me taking the last picture 

Walking Tour

December 22, 2017

After a bit of a late start we rendevoused with Ashlan for breakfast/lunch. But I really need to share the tiny hallway to our room.

 Then off to Harold Square and Macys. We did not see these the other Christmas we spent in NYC, plus we know one of the artists, carpenter, builders of this year’s offerings.

Lots of reflection going on here.

Then much more walking, shopping and dodging cars. 

Empire State Building 

Macy’s wooden escalators 

Macy’s interior decorations 

I am so glad we do not have to deal with a car here. I think Carl was up to about 15,000 steps. Out for dinner later, and I do mean later. At home 8 p.m. dinners happen if that is when we get home form work.  Here that is just what you plan for. 

A random sight I was not expecting. 

Getting lighter

December 21, 2017

It took me until the weekend before Christmas to get our lights up, but they are up.

I never said they were much, but they do help light up the night.

Happy it’s the solstice, we are ready for longer days. 

We were out well before the sun rose this morning and arrived our hotel after the sun set, 3 hours east. The most amazing part of our journey was that we found our way from JFK through the AirTrain and E line, plus a little walking, with no assistance. We did walk a long block in the wrong direction, but figured out our mistake pretty quickly.  And then there was the MTA machine that would not accept our credit card, luckily we had cash. But this was balanced out by a random stranger giving us her unlimited ride card, good through the 24th.

This trip is largely unplanned as far as activities go. I guess we better start.

December 14, 2017

Nothing says Christmas like stuffed peppers. 

And, yes, I survived my review. 

We even took an after work walk to a grocery store. I wear light colors just so I’ll be visible during the long dark winter, but still need to almost knock on some driver’s windows to be sure they know you are there. Good walk. Rather late dinner, and limited evening chores accomplished. Maybe I’ll finish them tonight. 


December 13, 2017

I was supposed to have my review a week ago. That did not happen, nothing I did. Try 2 is today.

We have been stuck in a foggy morning and sunny afternoons with temperatures hovering around freezing in the morning. Good weather for walking if you wait for the frost to leave the sidewalk. Carl has been logging lots of miles.

We walked to Safeco Field on Saturday. Lucky for us, the memorial service we attended kept us from suffering through the Sounders loss to Toronto in the MLS finals.

It also afforded us the opportunity to see the new grass at the ballpark.

This randomly appeared on our front porch.

We also finally got our tree up!

Sunrise on the way to work. The Mountain is out.

Duh duh duh duh DUH

December 6, 2017

Sing to the tune of impending drama. 

My annual review is today.

The year has been very busy, and I have done a lot of work. But if you look at my goals I don’t think any have been completed. My bad for being an optimist. 

I should still have a job tomorrow so life will continue much the same as today, but with revised goals. 

And I am planning to take off the next to days. Hopefully some long walks and errand completion.

Sounders Redux

December 1, 2017

I got to go to the Sounders game last night, the second leg of the western conference championship. They were already up by 2 goals from the game in Houston, but you never know. As it turns out, they scored 3 more and Houston didn’t, so it was a comfortable fun win. And it barely rained. 

My second game this year and the last home game. The championship game will be in Toronto. These same 2 teams met last year, also in Toronto. [Seattle won that game. ]

Fuzzy picture of the goalie and cup.

Work has been intense this week. Not bad, but wearing out my brain type thinking. Data, queries, repeat. Fun stuff. 

Like this

Holiday Season has begun 

November 28, 2017

We shared Thanksgiving with Anne and Dennis of Portland film studies fame. Dennis was the primary cook, and jambalaya the main course. Fear not, we had a turkey breast and squash on Saturday. 

We also managed a long walk on every day of the holiday weekend. One of the walks started our shopping off as well. [Do socks and underwear count as Holiday shopping?] 

Winter trees can be intriguing, with their skeletons showing. These seem to have gone a bit far.

Then it was back to work. That never really seems to slow down. 

Tonight we are out at a show.

Perhaps an update at intermission. 

The lead character actress, Louise, is being played by Lorna Luft. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… Who knew so many songs we grew up with are from this show.