Sunshine on My Shoulders

April 11, 2020

We took an afternoon walk today. About 4 miles and 9,000 steps. It was generally sunny, with a few clouds and about 55 degrees with a 5 to 10 mph breeze. The temperature you felt was very much dependent on whether or not you were sheltered from the breeze.We drove up to Maple Leaf, did one circuit on the 1/2 mile loop, and set off into the neighborhood. The first half was fairly flat, with some inclines. But then we encountered the hills. Up, down and around. A reasonable workout in the end.Our tree of the day.

And now I am sitting on the back deck, in a tshirt and shorts! First time this year. There is a definite edge to the warmth, but the warming sun is worth the cool edge.

And I brought Carl with me.

Tough Day at Work

April 11, 2020

In reality, the day was OK. But at the end of the work part, I was spent. The day included working on several different topics, including customers that didn’t quite understand the requirements for new water service, others needing documentation, policy discussions with my boss, the normal Covid check-in, and reviewing and responding to others work. Just drained.

So we took advantage of the relatively nice weather, and set out on a walk. We didn’t stray too far, 9 blocks east and about 10 blocks north-south, cruising up and down the streets. About 7,000 steps worth.

Tiny tulips

We included about 6 blocks of student housing that we don’t normally traverse. There were a few small groups playing some game involving a table, rock or ball, and, we assumed, beer. It was entirely possible these were living groups, and the area was much quieter than would be normal for a sunny Friday.

The tree of the day invites you to find faces and shapes.

A really interesting surface

This gathering of beings, however, was our favorite by far.

The gathering, click to zoom in

The detail is quite remarkable

In other news we put in our order for next week’s groceries. For this week we may have to venture into a store for more carrots.

Busy Day in the Neighborhood

April 6, 2020

In many ways this was a duplicate of so many other days working from home. In other ways it was a lot more interesting.

It was garbage day, and yard waste and recycle, but that comes around every week. This week, however, the first garbage truck wasn’t taking garbage away, it was delivering new garbage cans. The man took out the new can, moved the garbage from our old can into the new can, and put the old can into his truck. As the day wore on, the respective trucks made the rounds picking up their loads.

The real excitement was the replacement of the power pole in front of our neighbor’s house. The work started around 7:30, and was done a bit after 10:00.

Starting the vactor truck work to dig the hole for the new pole. They use high pressure water to disturb the dirt, and vacuum it out of the hole.

Getting ready to start work, the vacuum pipe is getting in place

Spray from the water wand, with the grey vacuum pulling dirt from the hole.

Lining up the new pole over the hole

Lowering the new pole

Filling the annular space with gravel

New pole in the ground

This project gave me an opportunity to show Carl the modern way to dig a hole. Through the entire process we never lost power, even though they lowered the service lines to the ground while changing from the old to new pole.

On the Covid front, the contractors were not wearing masks, or staying 6-feet away from each other. The City person that stopped by, did wear an N-95 mask. And the kids from across the street camped out on our sidewalk to watch from a safe distance.

Today’s noontime walk was to Whole Foods for milk and nuts. I did the store run, and sanitized as I left.

Tonight’s movie was The Professor and the Madman. We both enjoyed the movie. I know I got the book for someone, but I don’t think I had ever read it.

Flower Power

April 5, 2020

Sometime last fall I decided to refresh our front walk garden. I am happy that we did, just because there is more to look at, since we keep walking out and back by the same patch. The tulips in front are almost certainly new, along with some of the daffodils.

We passed these mini tulips down the block.

The flowers from work friends continue to flourish. I haven’t killed them off yet.

Today’s walk was quite a bit shorter, walking around the freeway. That is, we headed south, crossed over I-5, headed north, and crossed under I-5, then south home again. About 2 miles, not a bad walk. And it provided our tree of the day.

Carl pointed out that it was just a month ago we were still in Nashville, watching the Washington Covid situation start to grow. In many ways it feels like it has been several months, it is so different for all of us.

The Trudge

April 4, 2020

Our afternoon walk was to the Maple Leaf Reservoir lid. The lid is at the second highest point in Seattle. That’s why it’s a water reservoir location-all about gravity service. The destination also means it’s uphill all the way, until you head home. A trudge today. The entire route was around 4 miles, including one lap around the 1/2 mile lid. The lid path is long enough to allow for good social distancing with the others on the path.

Nice branching

I have started wearing a mask in stores last week. Thank you for the supply Pooh. Today we wore them on the walk. My vision was compromised by fog at times, but on the positive side, I was warmer when we started walking.

Doing our part, and we stimulated the economy by stopping in the grocery store on the walk home for treats. Carl did not go into the store. We limited our exposure, and I sanitized my hands when I exited.

Food stockpiling

April 2, 2020

Have you ever seen the top of a rainbow? This is what it looks like. To read an explanation, better than I could provide, follow the Komo report link.

Celina Kutz photographer link

Today we did a grocery pickup in the morning. They put 5 bags in the back of the car, and refused our tip. When we got home we realized only 3 of the 5 bags were ours. I had to start work, so Carl returned the 2 extras. I did score a TP package. Name brand, but not the kind the bears use.

Practicing social distancing on the Ave. The officer couldn’t get close enough to cuff Carl, since he was diligently following the 6 foot rule.

It’s a good thing we’re not in TN right now because there is no way I could distance myself from this cutie.

Lather, rinse, repeat

April 1, 2020

I don’t remember if I ever did 2 rounds of shampoo when washing my hair.

But today looked a lot like yesterday, with changes to the details.

Good news for today.

  • Steve continues to improve and does not have a fever today
  • We made lentil chili this morning and will have it for dinner tonight, and for some additional meals in the future
  • Theo (Ashlan’s child) is staying safe.

Tree of the day, a magnolia I think.


March 31, 2020

Today was a normal, new-normal, day.

  • Up by 7 AM
  • Commute to the living room
  • Get coffee
  • Turn on the computer, and get to work.
  • Have more coffee
  • Attend a meeting by computer
  • Walk around the neighborhood
  • Back to work
  • Two meetings, and some other stuff and bother
  • Commute to the kitchen

Work day done, and time for dinner.

The weather was sporadic. Tree of the day from the lunchtime walk.

No evening walk today.


Walk Interrupted

March 30, 2020

I was diligent in getting to work on time this morning, so when noon rolled around it was time for a walk.

After about 1 block it started to rain a bit. But we kept going. After several more blocks it started hailing. So we turned around. This is one of the few days I won’t reach my steps goal.

One of my afternoon work activities was to watch a press conference given by the Governor of Washington. It was about Covid, of course, and the continued need for social distancing, field hospital construction, and, in response to a question, the limited ventilators available. Another reporter referenced the story that trump won’t talk with our governor, because he didn’t show him enough appreciation. Mr. trump said the same about “that woman from Michigan.” Side note – the VP does talk to WA, and I assume MI.

But that still doesn’t get us more ventilators, or tests.

We have now heard expectations of continued distancing until both ends of May.

On a random occurrence, when I took out the garbage I noticed something not very garbage like looking across the street. A few canvases that look like they were, at worst dumped, or at best dropped.

They look like they have survived the nights rain and wind. I am trying some neighborhood groups to try and locate the owner.

On a truly positive note, we had some delicious matzo ball soup tonight. Dingfelders Deli in Seattle, if you’re ever in town.

Two-Walk Sunday

March 29, 2020

The first walk was to get a few items not available from the grocery store pickup. Plus it was relatively nice out (not raining). And when I ventured into the store I was wearing a newly acquired mask, and gloves too.

Thank you Pooh

The store was very lightly populated, so the 6-ft distance was not hard to maintain. I completed my list, except for sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, of course.

The second walk was to gather more steps. It was sunny and we just have more time on the weekend.

I couldn’t get far enough back to capture the entire tree from top to bottom.

First tulip of the season in our front walk.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t get other, important chores done. I finally got to filing home papers. This included basic things that had piled up since November, and sorting through the remnants of the August car accident, claim, new used car purchase, old car hand-off, medical claim, etc. The elephant that still remains is a lot of medical papers. I was on top of it for a long time, but then took a breather for a bit too long. Don’t worry, the bills get paid, but the HDHP HSA account must be managed and documented for some unknown potential future audit when chances of remembering what bills were for are slim.

And Carl finally completed some ideas he had from Thursday, aka Opening Day, aka 20-year Kingdome anniversary.

With actual pieces of the Kingdome

On a more serious note, Carl’s brother Steve has Covid-19. Likely acquired in or returning from Chicago to Colorado. He is over a week into the illness, and still at home. We are worried, but hopeful he is on the mend. Scary stuff.