Beautiful Day

May 14, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there.

The start of my day.

The rest included conversations with family flung far and wide. And a nice long walk. Around 8 to 10 miles with lunch thrown in.

This followed a 5 mile jaunt yesterday morning.

I thank Carl for keeping me moving.

The Saturday walk had an initial destination for a talk on an Antarctic fossil collecting trip. Very interesting.

An Actual Weekend

May 7, 2018

I didn’t do any work work this weekend. Only work around the house, with some walking and watching thrown in.

It tried to start Friday morning, with great plans to get some shopping done Friday night. That did not happen. I was exhausted after work, so I went home, ate, a little viewing and into bed. Friday’s shopping became Saturday morning chores. Two tomato plants, Tupperware type containers, crackers, socks and a pair of shorts. Planted said tomatoes and some vegetable seeds.

And it was still morning! So we set off on foot. The initial destination was opening day of the boating season. There are crew races and a boat parade through the Montlake Cut. We had missed the races, but saw boats of all sizes heading through the Cut and on to the route that follows a trail between even more boats tied up to log booms.

After lingering here it was time to get on the light rail and head downtown. Baseball and all …

Carl just had to try to recreate Paxton’s eagle adventure from opening day in Minnesota. (Google Paxton and the eagle)

We sat high in the upper deck with the Garfield baseball team supporters. The day had been nice, but some clouds arrived, complete with rain. Luckily our seats were just under cover. Safeco’s moveable roof did not start moving until after an inning of rain.


he Mariners won in dramatic fashion and we snagged a ride home.

Sunday started similarly. I tried to get an azalea and ended up with a rhodedendron. But I planted it anyway. Did a little more futzing around with the vegetables and headed off to the light rail station. [This is a nice 2 mile walk, including walking through the UW campus. ]

The Mariners game was another game, but the first sunny afternoon game of the year, and it was warm. (Reason for needing shorts that fit.) The Mariners lost, we left a bit early, and both gave up doing any meaningful work once we got home.

More seconds of fame

May 3, 2018

Warning. Baseball heavy blog.

Yesterday Paxton pitched a great game and our EH cards got several looks during the game.

As it turns out, it was also Ichiro’s last game as a Mariner player this year. He is transitioning to front office duties. Carl dug out a sign he made for ichiro’s last game the first time he was a Mariner. I think the date on the sign is October 3, 2010. (Pack rat? It is a homemade sign.) The sign celebrated his 10 seasons with at least 200 hits in a row.

And it was picked up by the local mlb coverage. (Picture courtesy of our seatmate who was taking the night off from the ballpark.)

And the Mariners won, in rather efficient style. [This means we get home before it is too late.]

Interesting expressions. Carl is keeping score. I am trying to keep warm (sitting on my hands). Kevin is … I don’t know what he’s thinking about.


May 3, 2018

Going back to Tuesday and the Mohai exhibit. I’m not really sure what the neon is from. The next picture is Quincy Jones visiting his and the kid’s alma mater, Garfield High School.

And since we were in South Lake Union, a picture of south Lake Union.

Yesterday was our first in-person Mariner game in a while. They lost.😐, but it was still a fun game. The pitcher, Paxton, a Canadian, struck out 16 batters. Our group puts up “EH” cards for each strikeout. (Rhymes with “K”, Canadian, it’s a joke) He kept us busy!

A late Birthday Wish

May 2, 2018

Sometimes life just gets too busy to take care of niceties, like wishing your daughter happy birthday.

On the other hand, by waiting a day I got some pictures to share.

Allen prepared a 5 course meal for the birthday girl.

Our present arrived and fits their huge tub!

May Day in Seattle

May 1, 2018

I am sitting in the sun, next to the boat pond at Mohai in South Lake Union.

The idyllic setting is only slightly interrupted by the sound of helicopters keeping tabs on the demonstrations going on several blocks to the south. They normally start out peacefully, but can morph. There is usually a group of anarchists organized to create problems and break windows. I am hoping for the best.

I bused in from work. Carl, on the other hand, chose to go to the Mariners batting practice and then drive north to meet me. This requires traversing the area of the demonstrations. I believe he is trying to go over the problem areas (on the viaduct).

If he takes too long I will go to the museum. Spoke too soon, he is arriving.

The photos of Al Smith is the display we are here to see.

And then there is the continued development to watch. And into the show.

Sunny Afternoon

April 25, 2018

Returning from Tacoma via public transit I contacted Carl to meet me at the UW light rail station so we could walk home together.

We ended up meeting at the Drumheller Fountain on campus.

Note Mt. Rainier in the background.

And cherry blossoms.

The walk was lovely, with a stop at Trader Joe’s for tortillas. It has been a long time since we were home when it was warm enough to enjoy a beer on the back deck. And it was warm, so we did. Carl has begun concocting the tacos and bringing out tomatoes, lettuce and cheese for me to prep.

Lovely evening.

Conference Day

April 25, 2018

We paused work’s break neck pace today to attend one day of a water utility conference. As a speaker no less. Of course I only spoke for about 10 minutes of our 30 minute slot. [Earthquake resiliency planning] It almost felt like playing hooky. And for my effort I received a parting gift, and got to attend several other talks.

The most interesting find though, was bathroom art! In the stall.

I don’t know that I have ever used a camera in a public restroom before.

I bused down to Tacoma, and am busing back. Nice day, so I plan to walk the last few miles.

It’s the Little Things

April 18, 2018

When morning is announced by a natural alarm clock, beating a rat-a-tat-tat on a chimney cap.

The sun’s location can be discerned through the clouds.


Eight-person sculls are on the water.

Maybe spring will get here yet.

April? Or November?

April 17, 2018

The sun is actually partially visible as I write, but this month, barely half over, is already the 4th wettest on record. There has been snow around, but not like other parts of the country. Just COLD. The damp cold.

April has also had its good points! We were graced with a visit from Rey and Becca – the best highlight.

Dinner at Din-Tai-Fung was a new experience. Becca served as our resident expert.

Carl and the boys chased the Mariners to San Francisco to split a pair of games with the Giants.

Speaking of the Mariners, they were here for a few games, and then gone. Given our weather, I was glad. They have been back for a few more – fun to a point. There have been nice folks around to chat about the game. [Most coming now are there for the baseball, not the sun and beer, so more actual baseball talk. Not that sun and beer are a bad thing, but sometimes there are “fans” that don’t really know who is playing, or that there’s a game going on.] And we could certainly use some more sun and warmth at the game. We are going to the game tonight and I spent time this morning gathering clothes well beyond what I will need at work.

Work continues at a breakneck pace.

And speaking of work, we stopped by one of our water storage tanks on the way to the office. Work includes earthquake and safety retrofits, which require emptying the 2.25 million gallons that normally reside inside. So for those of you who wonder what it looks like inside a water storage tanks…