Fake Grandparents

April 7, 2019

Carl is a manny, but when we spend the night we transform into fake grandparents.

A birthday of note was the reason for parents night out and our night in. Dinner, hot wheels, books and lots of Lego time.

I joined in on the floor, until my body reminded me that staying in one position too long makes my joints squeak.

I was just aimlessly putting pieces together, without a real vision.

Dean then took my creation and added some embellishments. He then declared it was “cool.”

Audrey’s creation was more like the creations Ashlan used to make. More village like.

All in all a pretty good evening.

Audrey departed with her soccer coach for her game this morning. Between the light rain and bringing the car without the car seats, we have decided to stay at the house with Dean.

Of course there was a Starbucks run … Caregiving in Seattle.

Marie, Dancing Still

April 3, 2019

This is the title of the show we saw last night. It’s a new musical, trying to make it to Broadway.

I think it has a chance, and I would be able to say, “I saw it when…”. Aside from the actors and dancers, they did some projections on the scenery that I thought were compelling. In the opening number they add color in brushstrokes as Marie dances around the stage. During intermission they projected Degas’ sketches for the sculpture on the curtain.

The picture frame effect around the stage was also a nice touch. The singing was good as well. Carl thinks they may be missing a hook song, the one you leave the theater singing.

All in all, an entertaining night out.

And the Mariners won, again. 7 and 1. Carl did attend batting practice before the show. He wanted to hear a former charge’s choir sing the anthem (during their practice run), and spent some time with her parents and grandparents. He also got 4 baseballs. And for those that stayed for the game, it was over well before the play, just 2 hours 16 minutes.

Time for an early evening.

Morning show

April 2, 2019

Last night out, at the ballpark again. Despite their efforts to error (4) their way to a loss, the Mariners won, again. Fun times, but a later night than was hoped for.

I took a not quite light look into the backyard this morning.

Forsythia, rhododendron and camellia

Garlic, from above


Tonight we are going out again. This time to a play. Previously called Little Dancer, the title has been changed to Marie, Dancing Still. The musical is new and revolves around Degas sculpture known as Little Dancer, Aged 14. That’s the extent of my knowledge at this time. Another late night. But, should be fun.

Spring Warmth

March 31, 2019

We walked today. How could we not. Sunny, and in the 60s. 18,000 plus steps for me, over 20,000 for Carl.

From our house we headed south to the Seattle Center. Lots of families, skateboard crews, sunbathers and wet kids.

Our real goal, other than exercise, was dinner with friends at a Thai restaurant followed by the Seattle Men’s Chorus.

This show celebrated Cher. It featured Chad Michaels, a drag queen with Cher as a specialty. And even better it featured 2 Cher stalkers who appeared throughout the show, looking for the diva. Their schtick was really funny and tied the show together nicely. They were also winners of a contest to do this performance. They are not members of the Chorus, yet. They could both sing well. And we are pretty sure the marriage proposal near the end of the show was legit.

Today was also sunny and 60s, but chores were calling. A little yard work, laundry including sheets and towels from our 5 recent house guests, making beds, and a few other odds and ends.

Tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone. And a baseball game!

Home Opener

March 28, 2019

So the baseball theme will eventually fade, but not today. Spent the day into night at the ballpark. Lots of friends and ballpark acquaintances. A large, generally happy crowd.

Edgar’s countdown to Cooperstown

The 4. Carl, Jay, Kevin and Mark

Carl’s sidewalk art

And the Mariners beat the 2018 World Champion Red Sox ace pitcher. 12 to 4.

This year’s group. Many from Oregon. An opening day tradition.

Part of the group anyway. About 26 altogether And Dave Niehaus.

And now that the season has begun, I will have to get into game shape. So it will be back to the ballpark tomorrow.

Back to Baseball

March 26, 2019

And not quite the home opener.

Saturday was a wander with fan fest in the middle. We took transit to the park, and then got lots of steps in wandering around. Met a few ballplayers, two of whom were really appreciative of the work Carl did on a postcard he asked them to sign. (It included stats from the game where they hit their first home run.) Two others had made their major league debut in Japan. Found lots of ballpark acquaintances and sat in the sun. That is, I sat in the sun, Carl chased after balls.

We finally departed back to light rail and UW. As it happened, the UW baseball team was playing USC, so we took our wander past their ballpark. When a ball is hit out of Husky stadium it might land on dry ground. But it is equally likely to land on squishy land or in the water. We found this pile of decaying baseballs gathered by someone else. Perhaps they were studying decay rates.

We finally tackled the hill back home. Several hundred steps to the upper campus, a stop at Trade Joes and finally home.

Sunday was much less vigorous, transferring “mobile” tickets to friends. It’s computer work, in some ways easier, but more potential problems with electronics, changing minds and hopefully no dead phones at the ballpark.

Yesterday we did a warm up game for the regular season. Except it was COLD. I will take more clothes on Thursday. Bring it on.

Ninety Awesome Years

March 22, 2019

Happy birthday Mom!

I wish I were there to tell you how much I love you, and respect what you taught me through the years.

Keep on keeping on.

Mariners Redux

March 21, 2019


This is apparently Ichiro’s last game. They are saying he is going to retire after today’s game.

I left work a little early yesterday. The early morning caught up with my focus. But yesterday’s early rising also allowed me to successfully go to bed early. That is, I actually fell asleep, and stayed asleep. So I was able to get up early this morning with a pretty good night’s sleep.

Carl was up and down yesterday and had a hitting session last night. He did get up for this morning’s game, but went back to bed after the 5th inning.

The Ichiro send off was so emotional. It would be perfect if the Mariners could actually win the game.

No early to work benefit from game 2. Extra innings. I may have to figure out what radio station is carrying the game.



Mariner’s Baseball!

March 20, 2019

And at 2:35 am, the season is underway. This self-imposed early rising should make the rest of the day interesting.

The A’s may have hit the first HR of the game, but a new Mariner (Santana) hit the first Grand Slam HR. (5-3 Mariners, but only the top of the 3rd inning.).

We are texting with our seatmates. One up early, or possibly still up. The other is celebrating his 5th evening in Tokyo.

And after 3 cups of coffee, some mango and toast, it is time to go to work. Final score. Mariners win 9-7. 1st place!

Vestiges of Spring

March 18, 2019

Bunnies on the ball field.


And, hopefully the last of the snow.

I posted the series because I think this is the longest period of snow in our yard. Perhaps ever. It first snow fell February 4th. The last picture was this morning, March 18th. And it was 60 degrees in the sun yesterday. With a high of 70 predicted today, the last bit should disappear.

If you have read Boys in the Boat, you should recognize this name. If not, read the book, it’s excellent.

Some of those shells in motion.

And finally, The Mountain was out during our weekend meandering.