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Night Out

December 17, 2018

We were going to go out to a friend’s house last night, but Carl was feeling under the weather, so we stayed put. It may have really been the weather as a really low pressure area came through, accompanied by howling winds. My last year’s project of trying to keep the siding from blowing off the side of the house appears to be holding.

Before tonight’s show we went to the Noi Thai restaurant. It was really tasty (Crispy Garlic Chicken) and I probably could have split an order. But, um. I did stop before it was gone. We met friends and all agreed we should come back to eat there again.

Then it was time for the 2018 version of the Seattle Men’s Chorus Christmas show. Pretty good. And did you know the Village People did a record of there hit songs modified for Christmas? I didn’t, but we heard a few tonight!

Finally the fun was over and it was time to transit home. Carl had the inspired idea to drive to the UW light rail station (parking is free on Sundays) and take the train. There’s a station under the Benaroya concert hall. How convenient. And somebody other than me suggested a transit alternative!

The only downside to the evening was the seats in Benaroya just did not agree with my back. I am hoping a night sleep will cure the pain.

Weather Report

December 14, 2018

The Mountain is really pretty this morning in the dawn. Many different shades of blue that subtly show the definition of the different slopes. All under a deck of clouds. No picture because it would not look anything like what my eyes could see.

Note the cloud deck. That goes with the forecast.

Again, we have to remember the Seattle refrain, “If you wait for the rain to stop, you won’t get much done.”

We do hope to get some walking in this coming weekend. Maybe figure out how to complete interior decor for the holidays.

Last night we watched a movie recommended by a friend. The Lobster. It was an interesting take on a society where it was necessary for adults to be part of a couple. And if you weren’t and couldn’t find a partner that shared a common characteristic, such as nearsightedness, there were consequences. Carl found it flat. I was more intrigued. This film has the same director as the recently released, The Favourite.

Happy day,

December 12, 2018

Well earlier today I am guessing. I was occupied when I could have been posting this in time, and my guess is my blog is not high on their daily list of things to do.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Becca.

I keep getting asked if Rey and Becca are getting snow. I admit I don’t know whether the weather got as far west as Nashville. It might have been fun to have a snow day for a birthday.

It’s a Wrap

December 11, 2018

All I can see is Red and Green!

But it’s fun. I am actually enjoying going through the motions. I can picture the recipient and my version of their reactions. Of course, this will be followed by the reality of the post office. My goal is to be ready to go before this weekend….

Stay tuned for schedule updates.

On the weather front, rain.

Not showers, drizzle or mist. Rain. Use your windshield wipers unintermitently. But not on high. Not pouring down, can it rain any harder downpours. Just rain.

Get ready for the rest of winter. Which I prefer to ice, and even to fog. A little fog is nice, but not days in a row. The lack of sun can be draining, but it is dark most of the day anyway. Sunrise at 7:47 and sunset at 4:18. Dark when work starts and ends.

Not grousing. It’s going to be a good day.

Holiday Happenings

December 10, 2018

I figured it was time to start wrapping. Things to consider: 1) my back still hurts, but not as much, 2) there are several pieces to wrap, 3) the best flat surface at a good height for this work is in the kitchen, 4) I like to be entertained while I work, 5) the entertaining device is not very visible from the kitchen. Carl, the solver, notes the best flat surface is on wheels.

What’s missing?

Mobile workspace on the right.

This move also pointed out that our kitchen floor was a tad bit dirty.

More decorations are appearing.

Santa at the zoo. Before they glitzed it up.

We did skip the Green Lake Luminaria this year. I wasn’t quite up to the late night walk. And now I find out they had 5 hot air balloons! I don’t think they do anything arial, just provide pretty lights on the ground.

Lights, action

December 8, 2018

I got the lights up!

Not the fancy displays that some have. Just enough to hold off the darkness. I was especially happy to complete the task as my back is not right.

The ornaments are hung too.

We continued our weekly entertainment by attending the Jane Addams Middle School performance of A Wrinkle in Time. Our original motivation was to see what our friend’s daughter was doing, as a drama teacher. And, it turned out, one of Carl’s previous kids was in the play.

Small world.

Tomorrow I am going to try balancing some work and a little more play.

What is Going On

December 5, 2018

I was supposed to decorate this weekend. It didn’t happen. It’s not too late to complete the task. More likely to happen on Friday. I have decided to take a day of vacation!

The trick now is to not take work home for Friday. But if I have enough to keep me busy, work may fade to the background. (And there’s always Satuqrday and Sunday)

We did get a nice 5 mile walk in on Sunday. Sunday was forecast to be the dry day of the weekend, but it poured. Until it stopped. And luckily, that’s when we left. The weather is cold and clear now that we’re into the work week,

but will turn to rain as time off approaches. 🤨

We went to Annie last night.

It was good and enjoyable. And we got dinner out. All good. But the show didn’t knock my socks off. Next week we’re going to see the sequel, Annie Get Your Gun.

Actually, we are planning a Friday excursion to a middle school play, under the tutelage of one friend’s daughter, with one of Carl’s prior charges in the cast. (Lillian for those keeping track.)

Work and Work Products

November 30, 2018

The week went from

Take your husband to work day


Carl’s charge (Dean) drawing a smiling dinosaur

And a bit of everything else in between.

Rain, and a few sun breaks. Temperatures that range from high 30s to high 40s. There is much to do as the year hurtles toward next.

And I have to take at least one more day of vacation before December 21st. Such a problem. I am considering next Friday when I need to take off a few hours anyway for two doctor appointments. Nothing bad, just “wellness” visits. Although I may get some new glasses out of one.

We also got news today that Carl’s surgeon is retiring at the end of the year. Good for him, and I am hopeful that it won’t matter to us, as we are done with that stuff.

Venturing into the Shopping Zone

November 25, 2018

After spending most of the morning in front of the computer, it was time to go for a walk. Our final destination was the klondike national park.

But first, a few sights along the way.

The Buffalo building

The Star

Westlake Center holiday carousel

We finally got to the national park. And I am officially old … enough.

Light rail and bused home.

Speaking of travel modes, Seattle was home to 3 different bike share companies for a year. Lime green, yellow and orange. Only the green survived. Until recently, when Red showed up, from uber.

Another assault on our limited sidewalk space.

Thanksgiving Wandering

November 22, 2018

It is pouring outside as I write. Dinner is in the oven.

Luckily for us we took an 11,000 step walk earlier this morning.

The plan had been to walk over to the blood donation center, give blood and bus home. I only found out a few days ago that the donation centers were almost all open on Thanksgiving. Sounded like a good idea. Who knew it is apparently a “thing”. There were no open spots at the centers.

So we just wandered. First up to Maple Leaf

The mountain was out. Who expected that on a rainy day.

Turkey and football

The place was packed

Next up was the Green Lake area.

A neighbor told us that there is music to go with this light show

Starbucks, and then home.

The place was packed

Our 1/2 turkey is almost done. Next in the oven is the butternut squash. Then the green bean parmesean fries.

Note the skeksi from the Dark Crystal. It’s all about the food. At least our favorite scene.

Happy Thanksgiving