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The 49ers

January 26, 2020

We were invited to a 49ers party last night. Nothing to do with football, although baseball was discussed here and there. It was, instead, to fete 3 folks that recently turned 70. The 49ers. Holding the party in 2019 just didn’t work out, so 70 plus a bit.

The party was held in a sweet common room of the age-restricted apartment where one of the honorees lives. They provided a main dish, and others brought sides (especially beer and wine).

One of the sides was especially inviting, a charcuterie. A platter with crackers, cheeses, salamis, olives, and other assorted foods. It reminded me of smakerel lunches my parents would make. Always a favorite, but with a fancier or at least, harder to spell name. Since our family was rather fond of the Winnie the Pooh books, I am thinking our term is from that source.

Nearly eleven o’clock,” said Pooh happily. “You’re just in time for a little smackerel of something.”

I guess we don’t party late that much. We did stay up past our bedtime, but didn’t drink too much. This morning I feel like doing a lot of nothing while I gather myself. It appeared it might be nice enough for a walk. The moments of sun are still somewhat limited, and I don’t feel like working to stay warm.

Plus, there is a project that needs attention. It is in the figuring out how to make it work before completely diving in. Currently on the second trial. Must get the how down! There is a potential requirement for additional tools.


January 23, 2020

Not quite the impact of turning over with the analogue odometers, and not an even 6 digit point, but after 200,000 I think we can celebrate the smaller victories.

This was the reading as I parked at work this morning.

Work is also speeding forward with new technology and “smart” systems. Last year we completed addition of 18,000+ smart water meters, and customers can now look at their water usage in hourly increments. How long was that shower? Yesterday we started the upgrade of our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and today the new telephone system goes live. This means everyone is learning new nuances at light speed.

In the end it will be better!

I do remember when I was so proud that I could do a few tasks in dos. Anyone remember, File, transfer, open in Word early versions.

And on a personal learning curve, I figured out a new thing in Access (database software) that should ve helpful to me. I tend to use my databases over periods of years, so it wasn’t until I set about revamping a process I have used since 2005 that I discovered some new functionality in the 2016 version of the software.

Okay. Enough of this, but it is all on my mind this morning. And now to get trained on how to successfully answer the telephone.

Weekend Fun

January 19, 2020

The snow has abated, and the rains have returned. It did hit 50 degrees both weekend days, but the lower portion of the snowman remains.Spring is springing. Note the daffodils testing the air.We spent some time watching a Eugene friend play soccer in a local tournament. This is a tournament where college coaches can check out talent from a wide area. Our friend’s team won their first two games.

This is an action shot. I highlighted the ball since my phone does not possess action shot capabilities

There is one more game tonight, against the top ranked team in their division, but we are going to skip this one for the warmth of our living room. If they win tonight, or did well enough in the first two games, they will play on Monday. I will be working, and not have the opportunity to attend. We did make use of the Saturday game for a halftime stroll. Not every trail has signs like this!Thanks to Pooh for the M Peach Mint hat.

The “M” is on the top tier.

And the latest Corwin pic.

Snow Day 5

January 16, 2020

Yesterday afternoon it was blowing and snowing at work. A bit in Seattle as well, with a brief accumulation of slush on the front steps when I arrived home.

This morning, not so much.

I think my shoe choice for work will be shoes, instead of boots, for the first time this week.

Rising temperatures mean that in town precipitation is more likely to be rain. I don’t think we will declare victory until we see the 50s.

Snow Day 4

January 15, 2020

I will need to wait until we get to work for new snow pictures. The much anticipated overnight snow storm materialized noth of Seattle. After 2 days with snow and late starts, Seattle Public Schools canceled school last night, and no snow…

I had prepared to work from home, bringing my work computer, a few files and even spent time copying some digital files to the work computer hard drive, since the predicted high winds would likely result in power outages at work. Work has a generator, but someone would have to turn on my computer each time the power switched from live to generator and back again.

So I am carpooling with the Seattle engineering contingent for the third day this week. From the news this morning it does appear there were a few new inches at work. And more storms in the forecast, although rain may be the form of precipitation.

Snow Day 3

January 14, 2020

Still snowing. Actually not at this moment, but overnight again. Accumulations are small at home, with promises of more to come. The change today is colder temperatures. I shoveled and swept the front walk this morning, until my fingers got numb. I only had thin driving gloves.

Yesterday, mid day.


Carl’s morning snowmen are so ubiquitous that a neighbor inquired whether he was feeling OK when there wasn’t one in the front yard by the time everyone was up. So, he went outside and was joined by several kids and their parents, creating this storm’s version.

Honestly, the snow is not great packing snow, so they did pretty well.

Carl took advantage of the midday lull in snow and took the Prius in for its every 5000 mile wellness visit. The appointment is today, but driving and busing (home) is more pleasant when it is lighter out. Notice I didn’t say sunny. At 210,000 miles the car is still running well. But we’ll hear later what conditions have popped up. And hopefully Carl will be able to reverse the bus to car to home route, during today’s lull between snow.

Snow Day 2?

January 13, 2020

It feels like day 1 of the snow, but it really started in earnest yesterday. There was an inch on the ground before I went to bed. We had made carpool arrangements before bed, and that usually happens around 6:30 a.m. This was due to the introduction of our 3rd carpooler, who is only occasionally involved. But he is from Hawaii, and doesn’t do snow. His words.

Only 1-2 inches at our house, although I am assuming more at work. Shoveling is done.

The Snows of 2020

January 12, 2020

Some years Seattle gets no snow. 2020 will not be that year. It’s predicted to be cold for the next week. Sub-freezing every day. Frequently cold means no snow, because it is the lack of clouds lets the heat of the day escape.It is cold today, with bits of blue sky peaking through. I needed to go to a fabric/sewing store. and walks are always a good idea, so we set out. It’s about a 3 mile walk to the fabric store. All is good, but at about one mile it starts spitting precipitation. We are a few blocks from the closest bus stop. As we approach the stop, we see the bus … and we had missed our ride. So we kept walking, to the next stop as the precipitation started to resemble sleet. At each stop we checked the bus app to see how long it would be until the bus arrived. The first stop where we missed the bus was NE 75th St. The next bus finally caught up to us at NE 95th St.

Snow splattered glasses

By now it is snowing.We rode a few more stops, and got off near the fabric store. Except that the fabric store has turned into an empty storefeont.Hmmmm. A nearby sewing machine store couldn’t help, and said the fabric store left in June, after several decades in the same location. So my project remains stalled until I can get to a different store.With the upcoming week’s weather report, this could be a while. I don’t do extra driving when there is snow or ice on Seattle hills.After our aborted shopping try it was back out into the snow. This time the bus arrived at the bus stop just as we walked up.Once home the immediate goal was to get warm. Step 1 was to take off all wet clothes. And they were almost all wet. Even 3 layers down. Step 2 is to get warm. Fuzzy socks are always helpful.Comfy slacks and a nice warm sweater, thank you Ashlan, complete the ensemble.And a few more Corwin sightings!

Back to work

January 7, 2020

I like to jump into the new year work stuff with both feet. Home stuff too. Yes, I have already started our taxes for 2019. This is due to wanting to put money aside for business retirement. I got that figure so we can.

Work has been chock full of meetings, which cuts into time for year-end activities. Plus I am training a co-worker on some of my annual activities. So I can become redundant.

He is a quick learner, and helped me discover the difference between Interger and Long Interger in Access. This had to do with account numbers surpassing a large, seemingly random number, unless you work with 16 bit digital stuff.

I just know that January is going to fly by.

Happy 3 Kings Day or Feast of the Epiphany. Oops, that was yesterday. See what I mean?

Christmas coming and going

December 28, 2019

Our Christmas celebrations really started on the 22nd. I’ll call this dinner with friends. We ordered Chinese from Chiang’s Gourmet and had a grand time talking and eating.

One more day of work, and it was off to Nashville. They say you’re not supposed to take wrapped presents through security, so I wrapped after security. With paper I pre cut. No scissors through security either.

The flight was uneventful, after the hour delay to fix the air conditioning.

Once in Nashville it was all about meeting Corwin. He grunted hello, and occasionally gave us a smile.

Carl also finally got to meet Tony and Cheryl, the other grandparents.

It was dinner and time for bed for the travel weary.

The 25th was presents, family and food. Starbucks (we found an open one), fajitas and tamales for lunch, and chinese takeout for dinner.

The Starbucks was not too far from our airbnb, but not the closest to Rey and Becca’s apartment. Still, it was open. We realized after ordering that we had left an item at the Airbnb. I was tasked to get it while Carl and Ashlan waited for our order. I climbed into “our” car (Becca’s SUV), and noticed a handy phone holder I hadn’t seen before. And the piece of paper on the passenger floor was missing. Hmmmmmm! WRONG CAR!

I climbed out, hit the unlock button, and the next car over flashed welcoming lights. Same car, same color. As I was climbing into “my” car, the owner of the other car came out. I apologized for getting into his car, and he said he had noticed the same cars, taken a picture, and texted his wife. Apparently she drives a Mini, and parking next to other Minis and posting pictures is a thing. No harm, no foul, but by now our order had arrived and Carl was trying to figure out why I was still there.

Finally with the entire family, we set about having a quick bite, and opening stockings and presents.

Reynard the Fox, wearing Becca’s apron

And passing Corwin between grandparents.

We have an interesting set up here. Rey and Becca and Corwin have a small apartment with a small kitchen and a small table, with enough seating around, but not around the table. Tony and Cheryl have an Airbnb with a small kitchen, a larger table but not enough chairs. We have an Airbnb with a big table, only 4 chairs, and no kitchen. Chairs from Rey and Becca’s have made a few trips to our place, with takeout food and dishes from Tony and Cheryl’s place. A moving puzzle.

Boxing day included a big brunch. Our small immediate family departed for downtown Nashville.

We walked from music row, home to studios, to the Belmont Mansion. The tour was very interesting, a glimpse into being a woman before, through and after the civil war. Adelicia Acklen had 3 husband’s, 10 children, 3 plantations and Bel Monte. She was intelligent and driven, but not immune to any of the tribulations of the time.

We also took in the Country Music Hall of Fame. It had so much to see and hear. By the end I was overwhelmed.

A co-worker’s favorite

We reconvened with the rest, and Cheryl made a pork roast for dinner. Yum.

Friday’s primary adventure was the Nashville Zoo. We spent the afternoon there, and closed the place down.

Cheryl was very attractive to these guys


A final meal, game and some family time.

I think Theo may be jealous of his Ashlan hanging with a baby

Aunt Ashlan with daddy Rey, and Corwin.

Saturday morning dawned early at our place. Ashlan had an early flight back to the big city and Allen and Theo. I’m not sure of the order of importance there.

She texted us she had arrived, just as we were starting brunch.

That’s Chronic Bacon next to the biscuit. Tasty! But it’s bacon, so I should not have been surprised.

We spent the afternoon at Radnor Lake State Park. A very pleasant 3 mile or so walk around the park, plus some coming and going. We saw this owl

And lots of turtles. They listed at least 5 species in the park.

Then, as our first test as grandparents, Carl and I watched Corwin while Rey and Becca napped.

He did cry a bit, and we did change a diaper. I think they’ll ask us back.

If you’re still reading, that’s all for now.