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Weekend of Rain

June 6, 2021

Kind of a lost weekend. Or just get a few things done. Filing, shredding and paying bills was the focus of Saturday. This included a drive north to the convergence zone for the shredding drop off, and lunch.

The convergence zone is not a specific fixed location. It is where the weather patterns converge, and then weather happens. This location is usually north of Seattle city limits. As it was on Saturday when we left a perfectly lovely, mostly sunny afternoon, and drove into the teeth of the dark storm clouds and rain.

We did part with two bags of shredding, one bag of food for the food bank. We gained two brisket sandwiches, corn bread and some water. All individually packaged, and eaten in a socially distanced, covered area, as is almost normal after the many months of Covid. We also parted with a Marcos Gonzalez bobblehead for our fellow baseball fan financial advisor.

It’s interesting that this turned out to be our big adventure for the weekend. Carl’s baseball game on Sunday, in Tacoma, was rained out.

In other achievements

Completed 2000 piece puzzle

This puzzle was fun. It was big, requiring a large cardboard box laid on top of a card table. And it took a while to complete. It was colorful and varied. The first color attacked was yellow. The last was brown.

Today, about two thousand miles east, Corwin attended his first major league baseball game.

The real celebrant here is Rey, turning 34 today. And the Cardinals game was his idea. Cardinals lost 8 to 7 to the Reds, although the Cards made a game of it after having been down 7-0.

Happy birthday Rey.

Finally, a walk

May 21, 2021

Not overly warm, but sunny today. With the workday in the rearview mirror, we struck out for a stroll. Down the steps, 300 or so, then up the incline and hills on the return trip.

This library was one of several on the route, and the only one with a book that tempted me. I have read, or had read to me, several Terry Pratchett, and I do enjoy them. I am fairly certain, “Guards! Guards!”, is among them. Plus I still have a few in line, waiting.

The Mariners have departed to other cities, so our evenings are our own. In other ballparks, or actually outside the Belmont ballpark on a hill, Corwin got his first homerun ball. Less than 2 years old, and the addiction may be starting.

First home run

And tonight we’re having steak and potatoes. Really. Steak was on sale somewhere, so we’re living the high life.


May 19, 2021

Back in Seattle, and now back at the ballpark.

Hopefully we won’t get no-hit tonight.

Our time in Colorado was very family focused. First on Bob. Then there was a shift to trying to help with Jeanne, who would probably benefit from being in a good, secure memory care facility. I have been trying to assist by working on paperwork (my specialty) and phone calls to locate potential homes.

On the Bob front, we moved his things out of Mackenzie Place. It’s amazing what fits into a small space. We tried to sort between important papers, special family pieces, pictures and basic furniture and fixtures. One full day, plus a little, a U-haul, van and Jeep. Next it was on to paying bills and closing service accounts.

The most vexing was Verizon who thought we should have to go to a store to pay the bill and cancel the account. All because Bob couldn’t get on the phone. I told them he was DEAD. No love, so I changed tactics and, as Bob, I created an on-line account, paid the bill, and cancelled the account through live chat.

The best was the New Yorker. Bob had a prepaid subscription through February 2023. Without me even suggesting anything they asked where they could send the refund check. I figured I would be asked to donate the issues like the Coloradoan did.

Saturday was our travel day. It started with a flat tire, but that was the worst thing that happened to us. Cars, buses, a plane, and an unexpected ride home from the airport by my carpooler.

Sunday was Carl’s opening day at the ballpark, and my day to catch up on a weeks worth of work. I had a big presentation on Monday, so I had to get it done. I sent it out a bit after midnight. We edited it at 1 PM and presented at 3:30.

So I have been in recovery mode for the past few days. Going to bed early. Tonight will be the test, to see if I can make it through the game.

May 11, 2021

The family gathered together at Steve’s house on Sunday to be with Bob as he left our current realm. It was very peaceful. We sat, held his hands, and the brothers shared family stories.

A few days earlier

The formalities started yesterday, and will likely continue for a while. We are planning to move the remainder of his things out of the assisted living facility on Wednesday.

And because this trip was not planned well in advance, I am trying to keep up with a bit of work. There is actually a fairly important and pivotal meeting next Monday, and I am not yet prepared.

Working Face

And we are also trying to locate a place in a memory care facility for my SIL. Full time eyes are now required, and for her safety and the health of those who have been caring for her, this is a necessary step. We are trying to help with phone calls, gathering information and… paperwork.

And now this

Snow in May

This is Colorado, so it’s not too out of character, but really!?! It is wet, so it has been melting on the roads. It is just more bothersome visually when driving. Yesterday, thankfully, we did our driving while it was light out, so it was easier to spot the turns on our way hither and yon. We are out in the rural area, streetlights are not common, and driveways are here and there.

We were fortunate to have found an Airbnb about 15 minutes from Steve’s house. It is a cute, compact and comfortable place. Lots of light.

Time to squeeze in a little work before shifting gears back to family.

Colorado or Bust

May 7, 2021

We embarked on a barely planned trip today, and tonight we are feeling the effects of travel.

We flew, although discussed driving as a viable alternative. Carpooler came through again and dropped us at the airport. Since the tickets were obtained less than 24 hours before flight time, we were at the mercy of the air gods for seats. They winked in our direction and we scored seats together. Back of the plane, but together.

Relatively short flight, with only normal turbulence landing in Denver. The next travel form was a shuttle bus to get to Fort Collins. Again, due to the late booking, we were put on the 3:50 shuttle, even though we were in time for the 2:50. But hoping for an empty seat on the earlier bus, we hung out at the stop. And scored two seats.

Again because of the late booking we were not able to get the mini shuttle to the hotel. So, arriving at the Harmony Transit Center, the next vehicle to find was an Uber.

Honda Odyssey to the rescue! Finally at the hotel we contacted Carl’s brother Steve for the ride to his house. And finally able to see Carl’s Dad!

It’s been a long day, and we are happy to be here.

Happy Day

May 1, 2021

Sort of a guest blog, taken from Carl’s texts

Happy Birthday. You were so much fun to raise
And you were bald
You’re a good sister
You were and still are So Sporty.
Do you have a magnet of you for your Frisbee team?
You love your Mother.
You love your Father. YOU PLAYED BASEBALL!
You were So Popular.

And you still are.

You are a great plunderer.
And I still think fondly think of our 1 gig band tour.
And now you’re rocking the NYC scene!

Can’t wait to see you again. Have a great day.

Part 2

April 30, 2021

Yes! Second Moderna is on board.

We’re hoping for a good tomorrow, and based on friend’s anecdotal tales, we have a 50/50 chance. To prepare for the potential day in bed we got some deli chicken soup. It’s good soup, so even if we’re not feeling poorly, we have a good meal. And, because we were at the deli, pastrami sandwiches for dinner tonight.

So it is 2 weeks until we are considered fully vaccinated, and will allow ourselves grace to be more out there. We have tickets to our Mariners Opening Day on May 14th.

After that who knows.

In other goings on, work continues to be continuous. There is no end in sight, just mileposts along the way.

We are also involved, but from afar, in the latest travails of Carl’s father, Bob. He’s been having various ailments that pile on top of each other. Carl’s brother is doing a yeoman’s job of trying to manage the situation. Not helping is the Covid spike that stretches medical resources to the limit. This impacts others that don’t have Covid, but could benefit greatly from resources being siphoned to deal with the pandemic. And a bit of ageism may be in play. It seems that being older is not a positive mark in your column.

On to tomorrow.

Garden tour part cold

April 20, 2021

I am sharing pictures of the sisters yard/gardens from today. A little different from the tour we had just days ago. Separated by 500 miles (8 hours by car), the weather is similar.

Ours, on the other hand, has not changed.

Not much else to report. We walked for takeout from a Vietnamese restaurant about 10 blocks away. The short blocks. This particular restaurant opened a few years ago when we were in the middle of a remodel, living in an apartment across the street from the restaurant. We remember the grand opening, complete with costumed dancers.Grand opening blog

Garden Tour

April 19, 2021

We held a sisterly zoom yesterday and the youngest gave us a tour of her garden. In bloom through just testing the weather.

So, here is my somewhat abbreviated version of the current garden.

What a lovely yellow field of blooms. Not ours, and our goal is to keep this particular variety at bay.
Camellia, one flower. There are hundreds.
Oregon grape
Little tiny plant. Strawberry, not carrots. The stake is to help avoid the tiny plant being trod upon. Not unlike the rocks Mom placed to warn us off young trees
Tulip, limited petal count
Tulip, many petaled variety
Back to the sun, so the mobile device is shaded.

Now, back to work!

Sunny Wednesday Afternoon

April 14, 2021

Carl has been out and about. I have been working.

That is the essence of our lives, and especially mine right now. We are managing, and I am not sure if the weather is helping or hurting. It is gorgeous. A bit windy at times, but I am sure it is in the 60s this afternoon. I am on a work break, and plan to go back to try and complete the final 4 draft slides for a presentation on Monday. That may sound like I am ahead of the game, but it needs to be reviewed by my boss…..

1 week post Covid shot 1 reaction.

I noticed this nice red area a few nights ago, just in time to read an article about such occurrences. The article suggested it was a good sign, showing the body at work. But wow, what wrinkles. I hadn’t had time to apply the spackle yet.

There have been a few walks along the way, but not enough given the weather. Signs of spring in Seattle.

We ordered tamales from Frelard Tamales and they were delivered today. Most are in the freezer, but I intend to steam a few to enjoy tonight. And they delivered flowers along with the food!

Speaking of which, it is time to start dinner. Carl does the bulk of the food prep, but I am up tonight.