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The Fez – Updated

September 13, 2021

There is a long story behind the fez. It doesn’t mean anything. It is a goofy novelty from Archie McFees, from many years ago, and a friend who likes baseball. On a road trip to watch some baseball games in California, Dan joined the group in Eugene and set the Fez on Carl’s head, asking him to wear it on the trip. And so it began.

The Oakland fans started calling him the Grand Poohbah. Think about the Flintstones. But they joked around with him instead of heckling him as a Mariner fan.

The fez continued as part of the game experience for the rest of the year. And then the next year, and the next, … Carl became more recognizable. Those fans and stadium workers around our seats have been aware of his love of baseball, but this started to expand his name.

Then there was the Fan of the Year honor in 2014. And the 2 caricatures a few years later.

Street Fair Art
Seat Host Michael Art

And now, a song. Really. By another friend.

It was gifted yesterday, out of the blue. This is my video attempt, and of course my phone ran out of storage before they were done. Spend 5 minutes with us, it is a spot of joy. All Hail the Fez <– missing a few stanzas, but has the lyrics at the end. And here is the complete version – All Hail the Fez – Take 2

Thanks to Doug Peterson for the song, Jan Greenspan for the accompiament, Dan Dixon for starting it all, and to Kevin Shannon and Mark Handley for sharing all the ups and downs that being a Mariner fan entails and keeping Carl reasonably sane.

And for those who want to relive the 2014 Fan of the Year presentation, another 2 minutes.


August 27, 2021

Every morning I water the tomatoes. While it was hot they got a double dose, watering can and then included in the sprinkler coverage. Since we have been in a cooler period, just the can.

It’s August. Late August. And I can count on my fingers the number of ripe tomatoes we have harvested. There was one that fell victim to a squirrel or raccoon, and they only took a few bites.

Following the critter harvest I added some netting around the base of the planter. It would not stop a determined thief, but it should discourage a casual browser.

Suddenly, the cherry tomatoes are ripening. There are a lot, so if they all follow suit it will be tomato central soon. The larger variety (Early Girl – NOT), is still dawdling along, although I picked one yesterday, and Carl included it with the turkey tacos.

While I was outside watering this morning I heard some chirping. It seemed rhythmic and repeated and I figured it was a fire or some other alarm going off. I was scrutinizing the neighboring houses through the backyard, figuring if someone was not home to address the situation, like smokey tater tots, it was good to be paying attention. Our houses are all close together and a fire in one often impacts others. I checked the fire department dispatch app on my phone and there was a new dispatch to an auto fire alarm. But not 1 block away, 6 blocks away. I wonder how loud it was there!

In addition to the alarm chirps there were three Stellar Jays talking up a storm. They were flitting between the houses and garage roofs through the backyard. And not just chirping. Clicks and beak beats. It was quite varied. I think it was a family group. One seemed to be a slightly different shade, and a bit smaller.

New Point of View

August 24, 2021

Meet bear. He is part of my childhood.


There were many stuffed animals around the house, and a few dolls. Some were really the property of one particular person. Others floated between the three girls. Some had names.

Pooh (not the bear) had Alice, a stuffed cat. There was a small dog, Doggie, with floppy ears that I felt was mine. There was also a later white poodle that was definitely mine, but I never felt a huge affinity towards the poodle. It was too stiff, in one posed position.

And there was bear. I don’t recall whether Bear was mine or shared, but he ended up in a bag in my parents house with other things that were definitely mine.

When we were back on “vacation” I had the duty to go through a box of things. And one of the few things I saved was Bear. The poodle did not make the cut.

So after years, really decades, of life in a closet, Bear gets to see the light of day again.

There were a lot of things gone through at that time, because Dad decided he was moving. So the house was being cleared of stuff. Much of this stuff has since been sent to new homes. But that is for another time.

Back to points of view. Bear has a new point of view, watching the neighborhood move by. My Dad has a new point of view from his new independent living apartment. And he says he loves his view of the sky. The house was very much in the woods, itself a nice view, but not much sky.

Should I be considering some new points of view too?

Make me Smile

August 12, 2021

Yesterday it was pointed out that I had not posted in a while. My life tends to be mundane and repetitive. But since the last post a lot has been happening. Vacations, games, moves, and all of those deserve time and space here. But for now I am going to share one of the more momentous moments of the past month. OKAY, more than a month.

Ashlan and Allen got married. In NYC in Central Park. It was an intimate and appears to have been terribly romantic. Is it all right to use a form of terrible when talking about something wonderful? Here are some pictures, with music. Ashlan & Allen.

On their way to a future together
Love you

What does Victory Look Like

June 28, 2021

Keeping your house internal temperature in the mid 80s. For today, that would do.

Boarded windows, or cardboarded windows, or covered with whatever was handy windows. But not all of them, so the heat still managed to sneak in.

My computer kept giving me fits, cutting out during meetings. I finally realized it was overheating. Fan to the rescue, and it gets to me too.

We didn’t quite meet our goal, the internal temperature on the first floor hit 90. The basement is much cooler, so the laundry has been done. I am afraid to think what the second floor got to.

And now we have a house guest. Dumped at SeaTac on his way to Kansas City. Something about rain in the midwest. It’s probably cooler at the airport, but not as comfortable. And the hotels around the airport are price gouging. Many locals have decided to get a room with an AC unit.

On a separate, but probably related note: Garlic harvest has begun. I was planning to do this last thing before we headed east for a day or two or three, but some were ready before my schedule.

Is it hot enough for you?

June 27, 2021

97 was the hottest I saw for our neighborhood today. It is 7:30 PM, and I think the temperature outside is starting to drop. The house temperature got up to 86, maybe higher.

I did get out first thing this morning, and weed. It was shady and 73. When I came inside it was still shady but 83.

The reason for weeding is to give the strawberries their best chance. There is one large one on it’s way. It will undoubtedly ripen when we are gone. Along with the tomatoes, and the rest of the raspberries.

I also got ahead of the day and pulled the yard waste bin to the curb. And the recycling. The garbage remains. And just got a text from the city saying no yard waste pickup tomorrow, and they are starting at 6 AM.

On that note, due to the heat, we have closed our office tomorrow too. The HVAC is stretched. For people like me, nothing changes- work from home. The operations staff is on standby, with skeleton crew working. Of course, a few have been working today as well. Excessive heat plays havoc with electrical controls. They work, but have been sending alarms.

Birds serenading the weeder. Or waiting for the weeder to get out of their way.

Can’t wait for tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be even hotter.

Weight Off My Shoulders

June 25, 2021

Technically off my head

February 2020 – Pre-Covid
After, June 2021

The cut was done in an inexpensive Covid concious location. Masks are mandatory, and they just requested you to hold it in place with your hand as they worked around the ears. Just in time for the HOT weekend.

And to complete our Crow-Watch, not the same as Ashlan’s goose watch of a few years ago, today’s choice of stuffed animals in the front window.

A Murder of Crow thank you Pooh

Saga’s End

June 24, 2021

I decided to water early this morning, before the heat set in. I got to the edge of the back deck.

Then I saw the baby crow.

Unfortunately, it was in bits and pieces.

Carl had mentioned our 5 AM wake-up cacophony when we got up (at 6+ AM). We surmise this was when the deed was done. Likely one of the neighborhood cats.

It feels like we failed somehow.

Needless to say, there will be no pictures today.

My Porch!

June 23, 2021

Day whatever in the life of a baby crow.

I took a short break from work to drive Carl and Kevin to the Mariner’s game. I was not attending this day game because, somebody’s got to work. On my return I noted the baby crow sitting in the front yard. As I pulled the car into the driveway the baby made its move.

I got out of the car and the baby’s attendants started their squawking. I took the hint and went to the back door.

I wonder how long this process takes.

Day 3 of Fledge

June 21, 2021

Day one was on the back deck. Day two was within a four house range, but in the front yard. Today is similar to Day two, but a little closer to our house.

At one point I was walking out of the side yard and baby was on the sidewalk. I held to the house side of the front yard and was only verbally hassled.

Baby spent time on top of garbage bins, in a small tree, and a lot of time on and around the street. And on the Prius.

Carport roof to car. Carl saw baby slide a bit down the sloped car roof.
Have you ever seen a baby crow fall asleep?