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August 27, 2021

Every morning I water the tomatoes. While it was hot they got a double dose, watering can and then included in the sprinkler coverage. Since we have been in a cooler period, just the can.

It’s August. Late August. And I can count on my fingers the number of ripe tomatoes we have harvested. There was one that fell victim to a squirrel or raccoon, and they only took a few bites.

Following the critter harvest I added some netting around the base of the planter. It would not stop a determined thief, but it should discourage a casual browser.

Suddenly, the cherry tomatoes are ripening. There are a lot, so if they all follow suit it will be tomato central soon. The larger variety (Early Girl – NOT), is still dawdling along, although I picked one yesterday, and Carl included it with the turkey tacos.

While I was outside watering this morning I heard some chirping. It seemed rhythmic and repeated and I figured it was a fire or some other alarm going off. I was scrutinizing the neighboring houses through the backyard, figuring if someone was not home to address the situation, like smokey tater tots, it was good to be paying attention. Our houses are all close together and a fire in one often impacts others. I checked the fire department dispatch app on my phone and there was a new dispatch to an auto fire alarm. But not 1 block away, 6 blocks away. I wonder how loud it was there!

In addition to the alarm chirps there were three Stellar Jays talking up a storm. They were flitting between the houses and garage roofs through the backyard. And not just chirping. Clicks and beak beats. It was quite varied. I think it was a family group. One seemed to be a slightly different shade, and a bit smaller.

New Point of View

August 24, 2021

Meet bear. He is part of my childhood.


There were many stuffed animals around the house, and a few dolls. Some were really the property of one particular person. Others floated between the three girls. Some had names.

Pooh (not the bear) had Alice, a stuffed cat. There was a small dog, Doggie, with floppy ears that I felt was mine. There was also a later white poodle that was definitely mine, but I never felt a huge affinity towards the poodle. It was too stiff, in one posed position.

And there was bear. I don’t recall whether Bear was mine or shared, but he ended up in a bag in my parents house with other things that were definitely mine.

When we were back on “vacation” I had the duty to go through a box of things. And one of the few things I saved was Bear. The poodle did not make the cut.

So after years, really decades, of life in a closet, Bear gets to see the light of day again.

There were a lot of things gone through at that time, because Dad decided he was moving. So the house was being cleared of stuff. Much of this stuff has since been sent to new homes. But that is for another time.

Back to points of view. Bear has a new point of view, watching the neighborhood move by. My Dad has a new point of view from his new independent living apartment. And he says he loves his view of the sky. The house was very much in the woods, itself a nice view, but not much sky.

Should I be considering some new points of view too?

Make me Smile

August 12, 2021

Yesterday it was pointed out that I had not posted in a while. My life tends to be mundane and repetitive. But since the last post a lot has been happening. Vacations, games, moves, and all of those deserve time and space here. But for now I am going to share one of the more momentous moments of the past month. OKAY, more than a month.

Ashlan and Allen got married. In NYC in Central Park. It was an intimate and appears to have been terribly romantic. Is it all right to use a form of terrible when talking about something wonderful? Here are some pictures, with music. Ashlan & Allen.

On their way to a future together
Love you