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Weekend of Rain

June 6, 2021

Kind of a lost weekend. Or just get a few things done. Filing, shredding and paying bills was the focus of Saturday. This included a drive north to the convergence zone for the shredding drop off, and lunch.

The convergence zone is not a specific fixed location. It is where the weather patterns converge, and then weather happens. This location is usually north of Seattle city limits. As it was on Saturday when we left a perfectly lovely, mostly sunny afternoon, and drove into the teeth of the dark storm clouds and rain.

We did part with two bags of shredding, one bag of food for the food bank. We gained two brisket sandwiches, corn bread and some water. All individually packaged, and eaten in a socially distanced, covered area, as is almost normal after the many months of Covid. We also parted with a Marcos Gonzalez bobblehead for our fellow baseball fan financial advisor.

It’s interesting that this turned out to be our big adventure for the weekend. Carl’s baseball game on Sunday, in Tacoma, was rained out.

In other achievements

Completed 2000 piece puzzle

This puzzle was fun. It was big, requiring a large cardboard box laid on top of a card table. And it took a while to complete. It was colorful and varied. The first color attacked was yellow. The last was brown.

Today, about two thousand miles east, Corwin attended his first major league baseball game.

The real celebrant here is Rey, turning 34 today. And the Cardinals game was his idea. Cardinals lost 8 to 7 to the Reds, although the Cards made a game of it after having been down 7-0.

Happy birthday Rey.