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What does Victory Look Like

June 28, 2021

Keeping your house internal temperature in the mid 80s. For today, that would do.

Boarded windows, or cardboarded windows, or covered with whatever was handy windows. But not all of them, so the heat still managed to sneak in.

My computer kept giving me fits, cutting out during meetings. I finally realized it was overheating. Fan to the rescue, and it gets to me too.

We didn’t quite meet our goal, the internal temperature on the first floor hit 90. The basement is much cooler, so the laundry has been done. I am afraid to think what the second floor got to.

And now we have a house guest. Dumped at SeaTac on his way to Kansas City. Something about rain in the midwest. It’s probably cooler at the airport, but not as comfortable. And the hotels around the airport are price gouging. Many locals have decided to get a room with an AC unit.

On a separate, but probably related note: Garlic harvest has begun. I was planning to do this last thing before we headed east for a day or two or three, but some were ready before my schedule.