Dry Sandwich

It rained hard on Friday. It is raining this Sunday morning early, and is supposed to continue for much of the day. That left Saturday as the day to spend dryer times outside.

First up was mundane indoor activities, bills and balancing. Finally hit the pavement with a goal of reaching the 520 bridge path.

This took us through campus, and graduation. There were smatterings of graduates in caps and gowns with families in tow, but not the huge throngs around the stadium that we have seen other years. I assume they used smaller venues and groups.

As we crossed Red Square one group was popping champagne.

Another group was doing skateboard tricks.

Last year’s graduates?

We only ventured a short way onto the 520 bridge, then decided to dodge over to the Montlake Cut for a snack break.

Feigning interest in a flower, hoping we would share our apple.
The building peeking out from behind the trees is the Pocock Boathouse of “Boys in the Boat” fame

Other sights.

Soylent Green, and not so soylent green

The last part of the walk took us through the farmer’s market where we picked up two tomato starts. And because they were tired looking by the time we got home, they are now in their new home.

Tomato Trials
Garlic, closer to harvest
Berry potential. Wasn’t expecting anything this first year, but maybe

The raspberry patch is not pictured. I have been negligent and really need to spend some time there. Maybe between showers today? Or lunchtime diversions next week.

If the weather gods allow, Carl will have a baseball game this afternoon. Or we’ll all stay dry, and home, like last weekend.

One Response to “Dry Sandwich”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Nice to have the rain and cool, and we have some sunny 70s/low 80s weather to look forward to!

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