Pet for a Day

Our neighbor had surmised we had a crow’s nest in our spruce tree. We had certainly heard smaller bird calls coming from the tree. And that idea was cemented with the arrival of a baby crow on the back deck.

It was alone, and yet not alone. I took a half step out of the back door for a better picture and received a sternly chirped warning from several adult crows to stay away. I actually witnessed an adult feeding this “baby” even though they are close to the same size.

The baby did manage to hop onto the deck railing and walk up and down its length. I will have to hose off everything because several calling cards were left. I also couldn’t get the watering of any plants completed, or weeded.

So we headed out to the ballpark.

And I, me, Jay, got a ball in batting practice. It was tossed up, not from home plate.

The Mariners won, in extra innings, over the Rays.

The Rays were in first place in the American League East, before the four games against the Mariners. And this afternoon, the Mariners completed a 4-game sweep. Three of the four games went to extra innings.

Fun times at the ballpark. Nice weather, met several new folks who talked baseball, and had a generally good time.

3 Responses to “Pet for a Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Perfect baseball weather and it’s wonderful that life is getting back to (somewhat) normal. Yay!! You don’t want to antagonize crows; they never forget. 🙂

    • raincharm Says:

      The crows are definitely being respected. I just hope they can calm down soon. They tend to have extended group conversations early in the morning.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Congratulations on catching the ball, and to the Mariners for a 4-win sweep!

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