Four pokes in under 6 months! I am done with vaccinations for a while. Our 2 shingrix bookended the Covid (Moderna), and we definitely felt the shingrix the most. Both times there was a down day following the shot. The second was the worst, but it’s all in the rearview mirror now.

Warning, there could be too much TMI in the next few paragraphs. Feel free to stop here.

I added a headache to the sore arm and general malaise by passing out in the middle of the night. Unfortunately I was standing up at the time, and Carl decided that hanging on to a pickle was more important than trying to break my fall.

The pickle was for me. A salt delivery system to try and counteract the extremely painful foot and shin cramps I was experiencing. The cramps were probably due to not enough fluids, but we’re never quite sure. I had given blood a few days earlier. While Carl was obtaining the pickle, I had set my mind on getting to the bathroom and was slowly making my way along the dresser. I reached the end and then it all went black.

In Carl’s defense, the lights were off and I didn’t announce my imminent swoon. I also don’t think it happened in slow motion.

After figuring out I was on the floor, really, that was a moment I remember and I think I stated it out loud, of course I ate the pickle. I continued my trek, or rather scoot, to the bathroom because I still wanted to get there and trying to stand just brought back the cramps. Water, pickle juice, another pickle, Carl rubbing my legs, eventually we got back to bed. Of course, now fully hydrated, I got up every hour, made it to the bathroom safely, and drank even more.

Needless to say the alarm went off a bit too early for my liking. I did make it to the computer for the start of the workday, through the first meeting, but by 10 AM I called my boss and told him I was done for the day.

And I was. Moved the 5 feet to the couch and spent the day watching old movies, some TV, and napping. And then I went to bed early.

Today has been close to normal. Just a lingering headache when touched, and stiff neck muscles.

Spending the early evening enjoying the warmth on the deck, and noting the rhodys are all falling apart. Sort of like me.

2 Responses to “Pincushions”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your foot cramps and blacking out. Do you think you should do a zoom call (or whatever) with your doctor? Love, Pooh

  2. Margaret Says:

    The Shingles shots were much harder than the Covid one. Glad you didn’t get hurt when you fell and got your pickle. I love pickles!

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