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September 27, 2019

Not the cat. Hernandez.

Felix pitched his last game as a Mariner last night. The “King’s Court,” sections of fans who chant, “K, K, K, K,” when there are two strikes on a batter, was 10,000 strong. Really. Probably half of the fans were in that area.

It was an emotional night.

Warming up in the bullpen. Fans were stacked 5 deep.

When he walked in from the bullpen before the game started.

When the Mariners took the field, Felix was the only player for at least a minute, while everyone cheered.

At the end of the 5th inning, when we were not sure if he would return in the 6th inning.

When he did leave the field after facing one batter in the 6th. And got a curtain call.

After the game ended, when he came back out to greet the fans in the King’s Court.

It’s only a ballgame. The Mariners aren’t going anywhere, again. But still you may see something special. 420 games over 15 years, all with one team. And look for the highlight of Dylan Moore saving a few runs with a spectacular catch, and the King’s reaction .


Yes, there is an ad first. If you scroll to the bottom you can find the catch highlight.

Evil vilan poopy butt

September 20, 2019

Carl’s team, the Silver Foxes, finally got to play their semifinal game. Schedules have been scrambled by rain. No rain today, but they got to play on a field with questionable lighting, in the evening, gloaming and just plain dark. At least two pop flys were lost when they flew above the lights. But the teams persevered, and the game sea-sawed back and forth. The Twins were leading the Foxes by 4 or 5 when one of our comeback players went down. He had a knee replacement before the season, but had been doing really well. Until he tripped rounding first and landed on said knee. I didn’t get close, but there was some blood and the medics were called to haul him to the hospital.

By the time that had transpired, the Foxes were down by 4 runs and the umpire declared the next inning would be the last. The lights would not only be too low, they would be out. Carl pitched three up and three down, so the Foxes were down to their last ups. They scored four runs in, game tied, 2 outs, and Carl up to bat with a man on second. And, they intentionally walked Carl! I suppose that shows respect, but … The next batter got to first, but then an out. Game tied 13-13.

So now we can only guess what happens next. Since the winner was scheduled to play in the finals on Sunday morning, the guess is these 2 teams will both show up to determine the winner, and that team will play in the final.

To balance the on field injury and a tie game, there was some fun. Three friends showed up to watch the game as did Audrey and Dean, with mom June. Audrey and Dean brought posters rooting on the Foxes and Audrey brought a story she wrote.

If only Audrey’s predicted score prevailed. And, it’s supposed to rain on Sunday

A Walk in the Park

September 17, 2019

After Carl’s game on Sunday, they lost to the best team 3-4 in 10 innings, we decided that a long walk on Sunday would be a good idea. Then Sunday dawned dark and rainy. So we decided to walk at the ballpark, instead of to the ballpark.

We walked up ramps and down ramps and around the concourses. The first round took a long time. Initially we couldn’t even leave the bullpen area. Carl begged a cup of coffee from a bullpen coach while we watched a young call-up throw some pitches. After the rest of the park was open we escaped the bullpen, but kept stopping to talk with all of the seat hosts and others that Carl knows.

Finally we started adding steps. Well there was a stop at the team store sale where I scored a long-sleeved Mariner pullover. The walk was mostly under cover, but on the last run of the ramps we got to check the drizzle level.

Side view-barista

T-Mobile to CenturyLink (can you hear me?)

Coast Guard et al

Self loaders with huge cruise ship

Be Sure to Eat A Lot

North along Occidental

Selfie with Felix

Cargo loaders with suspiciously empty docks

10,000 steps or so later, we watched most of the game from our seats. We received a text from an unknown number with a picture of the two of us in our seats. This is not terribly unusual, but no plays had happened in our area. This was from a White Sox broadcast, sent by a friend of Carl’s. They were discussing beards.

There was a Sounders game going on next door, and the White Sox seemed determined to extend the game so both stadiums would empty at the same time. So we left after the Mariners tied the game and heard them walk off to victory from the car. Literally. A bases loaded walk.


September 10, 2019

One of our newest neighbors.

Carl had the privilege of caring for this little guy yesterday. He had a workout, feeding, changing and carrying.

The best part is, during this period, his parents both became US citizens.

This is more impressive as they are sleep-deprived new parents.

And this morning the sidewalks were filled with children and their umbrellas, heading for the school bus.

The neighborhood regenerates.

Rain Storm

September 8, 2019

The Pac-12 made a deal with the devil for TV coverage. I don’t know the details, but the former Saturday afternoon college football games have turned into mostly night games, and on the west coast guarantees nobody on the other coast will be paying any attention. By the time the Washington vs California was over last night, it was this morning (1:22 AM), and not many west coast viewers were paying attention either.

The delay in the game was a spectacular lightning storm. Most Seattle storms have one or two bolts and a thunder clap. This storm went on and on and on.

Radar Image after most of the storm had moved north.

We took a walk today, noticing some interesting botanical shapes.


Umbrella over twisted trunks

And we got caught in the rain. But it was just rain. All signs point to fall.

Silver Foxes Playoff Game 1

September 7, 2019

Fall is upon us, so it’s time for the playoffs. All of the teams in Carl’s league make the playoffs. But then again, they pay to play, not the other way around.

The Foxes played the Tugs. They are usually evenly matched, depending upon which team’s pitcher is on and makes the fewest errors in the field. During the regular season the Foxes finished on top three times, and the Tugs won twice.

Today favored the Foxes. They won 11-0.

Carl pitched a 9 inning shutout, using only 76 pitches. Defensively he had 2 putouts and 6 assists. Great defense backed up the pitching, including 3 double plays. Really, it was a great game for the Foxes.

This was especially nice considering Carl was feeling out of sorts through much of the week. It has been up and down and up again. This included driving to Eugene, helping paint the exterior of a house, subjecting himself to an ER experience for half a day, and driving home again.

Just to keep today’s game in line with the rest of the week, for 2 innings he had an eye migraine, complete with fractured vision.

And as another reality check, not only is it SEPTEMBER! IT’S ALMOST THE SECOND WEEK OF SEPTEMBER.

Rex’s Saturday Breakfast Club

September 7, 2019


I worked with Rex for about 15 years. He was our primary building maintenance person and all around helpful guy.

He was a real support when Carl was going through his heart issues, as Rex had survived a similar situation.

And for a handful of us, Rex led the Saturday Morning Breakfast Club. Rex worked Saturdays so he could do noisy, in the way work with nobody in his way. Except when we showed up anyway. Rex would set up a few radios and blast oldies throughout the building. Nobody ever complained, because Saturday was Rex’s day, and if we chose to be there, it was part of the experience. And, because he was an all around nice guy, if he knew you were likely to show up, he would put a pot of coffee on.

Rex passed away on Tuesday. He had become ill a few months ago, and never really recovered.

This morning I went to work. On a Saturday. Two others were there as well and we toasted Rex with our coffees brought from elsewhere. I tuned into a radio station to stave off the quiet.

And I wandered by Rex’s work station and contemplated the few things he added to make the space his own.

The coming week shall bring you much happiness

How come I get blamed for everything

You have so much to be thankful for

And, his art. Doodles and miscellany. Many of our trash receptacles have flames. And the office rain barrels all are painted with foliage.

You are missed.