Rex’s Saturday Breakfast Club


I worked with Rex for about 15 years. He was our primary building maintenance person and all around helpful guy.

He was a real support when Carl was going through his heart issues, as Rex had survived a similar situation.

And for a handful of us, Rex led the Saturday Morning Breakfast Club. Rex worked Saturdays so he could do noisy, in the way work with nobody in his way. Except when we showed up anyway. Rex would set up a few radios and blast oldies throughout the building. Nobody ever complained, because Saturday was Rex’s day, and if we chose to be there, it was part of the experience. And, because he was an all around nice guy, if he knew you were likely to show up, he would put a pot of coffee on.

Rex passed away on Tuesday. He had become ill a few months ago, and never really recovered.

This morning I went to work. On a Saturday. Two others were there as well and we toasted Rex with our coffees brought from elsewhere. I tuned into a radio station to stave off the quiet.

And I wandered by Rex’s work station and contemplated the few things he added to make the space his own.

The coming week shall bring you much happiness

How come I get blamed for everything

You have so much to be thankful for

And, his art. Doodles and miscellany. Many of our trash receptacles have flames. And the office rain barrels all are painted with foliage.

You are missed.

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