Moving On

Taking a walk today. First one in a few weeks. Carl wanted to throw against a wall to loosen his shoulder, so we went to Ravenna Eckstein Community Center. I walked their path while Carl threw, and now we’re out for brunch at the Ravenna Varsity Restaurant.

Sort of a celebration of making it through the last week.

Carl’s Silver Foxes team won their last game, in the rain. I was soaked by the end. Carl pitched 4 innings, gave up one run. And he got a double, his third of the season. He has improved as the season has progressed.

And we are working our way through the accident fallout. They declared the car totaled and opened the door for us to spend a pile of money replacing the vehicle that had many more years of life, until it didn’t. So yesterday I took the afternoon off and we spent money.

This is the result. A 2017 Corolla with a bit over 11,000 miles on the odometer.

We looked really hard at a 2020 Corolla Hybrid. A sweet car, but a bit more than we wanted to pay.

The rental car has been returned and insurance updated. What remains is to accept the insurance company’s value of the dead car to help pay for the new car. And finally to hear formally what we know, that it’s the other driver’s responsibility and they will cover our deductible and rental car overages.

Back to the walk. I really liked these folks keeping an eye on the sidewalk.

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