A Day in the Sun, or Summer’s Last Hurrah

It got into the 80s today. I played hooky to go to a day game. Not my normal schedule, but it was going to be nice, and more importantly, cousin Aimee and her partner MB were going with us.

This was Aimee’s first baseball game, ever. And possibly the last for a while. The four of us wandered the park for a while, and then Aimee and I settled into the seats while Carl and MB continued wandering, into the bullpen area. Carl managed to get a baseball from the catcher for MB. A successful time already.

And in the 4th inning, Carl caught a home run hit by Kyle Seager. This tied the game at 2-2, for the moment.

That’s Aaron Judge pushing his face into the wall. MB is shielding with her glove, Aimee is at the edge of this shot, and I am stage left.

This link will hopefully take you to the highlight. (And there is a 15 second commercial) Kyle Seager’s Home Run & Carl’s Catch

In the end the Yankees won handily, but we had a good time.

In other news, the Corolla has been declared a total loss. Time to find the title and search for the next car.

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