Silver Foxes Playoff Game 1

Fall is upon us, so it’s time for the playoffs. All of the teams in Carl’s league make the playoffs. But then again, they pay to play, not the other way around.

The Foxes played the Tugs. They are usually evenly matched, depending upon which team’s pitcher is on and makes the fewest errors in the field. During the regular season the Foxes finished on top three times, and the Tugs won twice.

Today favored the Foxes. They won 11-0.

Carl pitched a 9 inning shutout, using only 76 pitches. Defensively he had 2 putouts and 6 assists. Great defense backed up the pitching, including 3 double plays. Really, it was a great game for the Foxes.

This was especially nice considering Carl was feeling out of sorts through much of the week. It has been up and down and up again. This included driving to Eugene, helping paint the exterior of a house, subjecting himself to an ER experience for half a day, and driving home again.

Just to keep today’s game in line with the rest of the week, for 2 innings he had an eye migraine, complete with fractured vision.

And as another reality check, not only is it SEPTEMBER! IT’S ALMOST THE SECOND WEEK OF SEPTEMBER.

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