Evil vilan poopy butt

Carl’s team, the Silver Foxes, finally got to play their semifinal game. Schedules have been scrambled by rain. No rain today, but they got to play on a field with questionable lighting, in the evening, gloaming and just plain dark. At least two pop flys were lost when they flew above the lights. But the teams persevered, and the game sea-sawed back and forth. The Twins were leading the Foxes by 4 or 5 when one of our comeback players went down. He had a knee replacement before the season, but had been doing really well. Until he tripped rounding first and landed on said knee. I didn’t get close, but there was some blood and the medics were called to haul him to the hospital.

By the time that had transpired, the Foxes were down by 4 runs and the umpire declared the next inning would be the last. The lights would not only be too low, they would be out. Carl pitched three up and three down, so the Foxes were down to their last ups. They scored four runs in, game tied, 2 outs, and Carl up to bat with a man on second. And, they intentionally walked Carl! I suppose that shows respect, but … The next batter got to first, but then an out. Game tied 13-13.

So now we can only guess what happens next. Since the winner was scheduled to play in the finals on Sunday morning, the guess is these 2 teams will both show up to determine the winner, and that team will play in the final.

To balance the on field injury and a tie game, there was some fun. Three friends showed up to watch the game as did Audrey and Dean, with mom June. Audrey and Dean brought posters rooting on the Foxes and Audrey brought a story she wrote.

If only Audrey’s predicted score prevailed. And, it’s supposed to rain on Sunday

2 Responses to “Evil vilan poopy butt”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Sounds like an exciting game! I hope the guy’s knee will be OK.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Can’t wait to hear more adventures in Cat Town with Super Cat and Super Sidkik battling the Evil Vilan Poopy Butt!

    P.S. I think the Evil vilan poopy butt sneaks up on me after school sometimes.

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