A Walk in the Park

After Carl’s game on Sunday, they lost to the best team 3-4 in 10 innings, we decided that a long walk on Sunday would be a good idea. Then Sunday dawned dark and rainy. So we decided to walk at the ballpark, instead of to the ballpark.

We walked up ramps and down ramps and around the concourses. The first round took a long time. Initially we couldn’t even leave the bullpen area. Carl begged a cup of coffee from a bullpen coach while we watched a young call-up throw some pitches. After the rest of the park was open we escaped the bullpen, but kept stopping to talk with all of the seat hosts and others that Carl knows.

Finally we started adding steps. Well there was a stop at the team store sale where I scored a long-sleeved Mariner pullover. The walk was mostly under cover, but on the last run of the ramps we got to check the drizzle level.

Side view-barista

T-Mobile to CenturyLink (can you hear me?)

Coast Guard et al

Self loaders with huge cruise ship

Be Sure to Eat A Lot

North along Occidental

Selfie with Felix

Cargo loaders with suspiciously empty docks

10,000 steps or so later, we watched most of the game from our seats. We received a text from an unknown number with a picture of the two of us in our seats. This is not terribly unusual, but no plays had happened in our area. This was from a White Sox broadcast, sent by a friend of Carl’s. They were discussing beards.

There was a Sounders game going on next door, and the White Sox seemed determined to extend the game so both stadiums would empty at the same time. So we left after the Mariners tied the game and heard them walk off to victory from the car. Literally. A bases loaded walk.

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  1. margiegf Says:

    You’re famous!!

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