Not the cat. Hernandez.

Felix pitched his last game as a Mariner last night. The “King’s Court,” sections of fans who chant, “K, K, K, K,” when there are two strikes on a batter, was 10,000 strong. Really. Probably half of the fans were in that area.

It was an emotional night.

Warming up in the bullpen. Fans were stacked 5 deep.

When he walked in from the bullpen before the game started.

When the Mariners took the field, Felix was the only player for at least a minute, while everyone cheered.

At the end of the 5th inning, when we were not sure if he would return in the 6th inning.

When he did leave the field after facing one batter in the 6th. And got a curtain call.

After the game ended, when he came back out to greet the fans in the King’s Court.

It’s only a ballgame. The Mariners aren’t going anywhere, again. But still you may see something special. 420 games over 15 years, all with one team. And look for the highlight of Dylan Moore saving a few runs with a spectacular catch, and the King’s reaction .


Yes, there is an ad first. If you scroll to the bottom you can find the catch highlight.

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