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Tired Afternoon

October 26, 2019

Who thought it was a good idea to invite 7 people over for the evening ball game on a day when you got up well before the sun, flew halfway across the country, took rail, bus and a walk to get home, needed to shop, clean and straighten up and get a tire fixed buy 4 new tires.

I confess it was me.

Do I look tired?

I just can’t get into this book, and long for a nap.

The 3 hours in the car shop are about 2 more than expected, and sitting around has heightened the tiredness. Carl has picked up the shopping slack, so as soon as I have wheels, literally, I will roll myself home for food prep.

I fear I will be lacking as a hostess tonight, and even half a beer might put me down for the count.

Early Morning

October 26, 2019

Months ago I made our plane reservations. I don’t recall the specific reasoning, but I am sure non-stop and price played their part in the decision to book a flight departing at 6:25 a.m.

The bad parts are the early to rise. Not too difficult, but we decided not to watch the end of last night’s ballgame. And the early to rise included our fine hosts too.

The good parts include a fairly uncrowded highway and airport, beating the main weather impacts out of town, and a relatively uncrowded plane. The 2 of us are sharing 3 seats, and the next row back is empty.

Pre-check on the flight east meant we breezed through security. The flight west found us in the line where shoes, computers, jackets and liquids all had to travel separately through security. But again, a little patience and generally calm folks, made this quite manageable. Maybe most were still trying to move at a sleepwalking pace. The longest line was at the Starbucks. Bumpy flight to begin (that weather pattern referenced earlier), but it has calmed down. I am still holding my coffee, sans lid, to ensure it does not spill.

St. Louis was fun. A little work, a little play, hosts that know their way around their town, and also provided some kick-back time. Thanks Mark and Pooh!

Louie, Louis

October 25, 2019

In brief

Sitting visuals: Mary Poppins Returns, baseball games, and jigsaw puzzles.

Walking visuals: The Arch, Art Museum, Botanical Gardens.

Views, not of the Arch, but in and from.

The Old Courthouse, home of the Dred Scott decision. Our hotel for the few days is on the right

The mighty Mississippi

Busch Stadium III

The Art Museum included a Dutch art collection, including 3 Rembrandts.

Arches. It’s like a theme or something

Fez man, sort of

Botanical Garden on a cool clear day.

Not the art museum. Botanical as in fiber arts to folding art-origami.

Lilies. Okay, this is the jigsaw puzzle. It was a hard one.

Real and man made vegetation


Back scratching tree close-up


Koi, begging for a morsel. We made them kiss – hee-hee.

Sitting food: Blueberry Hill, Southwest Diner, Vietnamese, food ala Mark. A good cook with a varied repertoire, including 2 picnics.

Art ala Carl

We have had a good time here, but it’s just about time to head west again.

The Lou

October 20, 2019

We left the rain behind and headed east, to St. Louis. It rained here too, but only a bit.

Today was a day to see a few sights and get some steps in. First stop was a grass tennis court built by his coach for Arthur Ashe to practice on, next to his coach’s house.

Tap so you can enlarge if you want to read the details

The tennis court is a bit of a memory, bit the shape and space survives.

The house over the grass area is where the coach lived

Then it was on to Busch Stadium for some baseball. At least a tour, and a visit to their museum.

Let’s just say they have more history than the Mariners. What I learned: 1. The World Series TROPHY was first awarded in 1927, the year after Green Bay got the first Lombardi Trophy. Before that you got a flag. 2. The team gets 2 trophies. One for the team, and one for the owner.

Dinner ala Mark rounded out the day before we were delivered to our home away from home away from home for the next 3 days.

The Arch from our room

It’s a small window, with only a partial view from a comfortable position.

Baseball Infamy

October 16, 2019

The Washington Nationals completed their sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals last night, and will play in the World Series next week. That leaves the Mariners as the only team to not have reached the World Series. Just wait until next year.

We did get together to enjoy the game of baseball last night. A few hardy souls. We have been doing this for several years. This year there is no obvious team to root for, so it is for good games, although I am sure allegiances will form.

We will be in St. Louis for at least a part of the Series. Yes, it would have been fun to have the Cardinals still playing. For the excitement, the feeling of a focused town, and maybe even to see a game.

And here in Seattle the first winter storm has arrived. I think it might be the remnants of Typhoon Hagibis. Lots of rain, and some wind. A good day to stay inside. So at 10:17 this morning we will participate in the Great Shake Out drill. Drop, cover and hold on, and then evacuate… to the Board room if it’s pouring.


October 15, 2019

Mid October to be clear. I have been busy, or tired, or just plain lazy.

Walk to end Alzheimers.

Last game of the Mariner’s season with Wayne Drop

Soccer walks

Apes game nonsense

The big erratic, looks rather like a nose sticking out from a bushy hairdo

Running into friends wandering the city

Burke Museum grand reopening

Tufts Love T-rex

Rod’s legs are visible in the background

The museum’s redo includes lots of areas where you can watch folks working. The biggest crowd was at a bilogical specimen prep area. They were defleshing a komodo dragon. I think this specimen was from the zoo, and they kept it on ice until the grand opening.

Playoff watching.

Flower planting. And garlic. This was all bulbs, no instant gratification.

So brief. Throw in work, and you have the first half of October in a nutshell.