Tired Afternoon

Who thought it was a good idea to invite 7 people over for the evening ball game on a day when you got up well before the sun, flew halfway across the country, took rail, bus and a walk to get home, needed to shop, clean and straighten up and get a tire fixed buy 4 new tires.

I confess it was me.

Do I look tired?

I just can’t get into this book, and long for a nap.

The 3 hours in the car shop are about 2 more than expected, and sitting around has heightened the tiredness. Carl has picked up the shopping slack, so as soon as I have wheels, literally, I will roll myself home for food prep.

I fear I will be lacking as a hostess tonight, and even half a beer might put me down for the count.

2 Responses to “Tired Afternoon”

  1. jane Says:

    2 things – there’s not a ton of mirth in that book. and Michigan won big over Notre Dame!

    • raincharm Says:

      We did watch parts of the Michigan game. The rain looked torrential, and everytime we tuned in, Michigan had the ball!

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