The Huskies were in town yesterday and the sun was shining, so we took a wander that carried us past the stadium.

The crowd

We heard a touchdown being scored while we encountered the various modes of transportation used to reach the venue.

The buses

The boats

I didn’t get a picture of all of the bicycles, or the crowd control set up for the light rail. In the end the Huskies lost, and we got a 5 mile walk.

We did not repeat the venture with today’s Seahawks game. They won in overtime. Instead we puttered around the house with a very short outing.

Next weekend it will be the Sounders turn to fill a stadium for theMLS final against Toronto. They are expecting almost 70,000 for the game. encourage winning, we will not be in attendance, but will be hosting a viewing party.

In honor of the fall we also revived a favorite recipe from last year, delicata squash with madras lentils. And it was really good, even though we forgot the parmesan cheese.

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