Early Morning

Months ago I made our plane reservations. I don’t recall the specific reasoning, but I am sure non-stop and price played their part in the decision to book a flight departing at 6:25 a.m.

The bad parts are the early to rise. Not too difficult, but we decided not to watch the end of last night’s ballgame. And the early to rise included our fine hosts too.

The good parts include a fairly uncrowded highway and airport, beating the main weather impacts out of town, and a relatively uncrowded plane. The 2 of us are sharing 3 seats, and the next row back is empty.

Pre-check on the flight east meant we breezed through security. The flight west found us in the line where shoes, computers, jackets and liquids all had to travel separately through security. But again, a little patience and generally calm folks, made this quite manageable. Maybe most were still trying to move at a sleepwalking pace. The longest line was at the Starbucks. Bumpy flight to begin (that weather pattern referenced earlier), but it has calmed down. I am still holding my coffee, sans lid, to ensure it does not spill.

St. Louis was fun. A little work, a little play, hosts that know their way around their town, and also provided some kick-back time. Thanks Mark and Pooh!

2 Responses to “Early Morning”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Flying to New York means constant early flights for me. By the time I get to Poughkeepsie, it’s dinner time what with the bus, the train and the time change. The early get up is brutal though. Glad you got some advantages, like light traffic!

    • raincharm Says:

      Made it home but now feeling the weariness as I wait to find out what it will take to repair a tire that went flat before we left, and then get ready for 7 to arrive at for the baseball game tonight.

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