Louie, Louis

In brief

Sitting visuals: Mary Poppins Returns, baseball games, and jigsaw puzzles.

Walking visuals: The Arch, Art Museum, Botanical Gardens.

Views, not of the Arch, but in and from.

The Old Courthouse, home of the Dred Scott decision. Our hotel for the few days is on the right

The mighty Mississippi

Busch Stadium III

The Art Museum included a Dutch art collection, including 3 Rembrandts.

Arches. It’s like a theme or something

Fez man, sort of

Botanical Garden on a cool clear day.

Not the art museum. Botanical as in fiber arts to folding art-origami.

Lilies. Okay, this is the jigsaw puzzle. It was a hard one.

Real and man made vegetation


Back scratching tree close-up


Koi, begging for a morsel. We made them kiss – hee-hee.

Sitting food: Blueberry Hill, Southwest Diner, Vietnamese, food ala Mark. A good cook with a varied repertoire, including 2 picnics.

Art ala Carl

We have had a good time here, but it’s just about time to head west again.

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