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Work and Work Products

November 30, 2018

The week went from

Take your husband to work day


Carl’s charge (Dean) drawing a smiling dinosaur

And a bit of everything else in between.

Rain, and a few sun breaks. Temperatures that range from high 30s to high 40s. There is much to do as the year hurtles toward next.

And I have to take at least one more day of vacation before December 21st. Such a problem. I am considering next Friday when I need to take off a few hours anyway for two doctor appointments. Nothing bad, just “wellness” visits. Although I may get some new glasses out of one.

We also got news today that Carl’s surgeon is retiring at the end of the year. Good for him, and I am hopeful that it won’t matter to us, as we are done with that stuff.

Venturing into the Shopping Zone

November 25, 2018

After spending most of the morning in front of the computer, it was time to go for a walk. Our final destination was the klondike national park.

But first, a few sights along the way.

The Buffalo building

The Star

Westlake Center holiday carousel

We finally got to the national park. And I am officially old … enough.

Light rail and bused home.

Speaking of travel modes, Seattle was home to 3 different bike share companies for a year. Lime green, yellow and orange. Only the green survived. Until recently, when Red showed up, from uber.

Another assault on our limited sidewalk space.

Thanksgiving Wandering

November 22, 2018

It is pouring outside as I write. Dinner is in the oven.

Luckily for us we took an 11,000 step walk earlier this morning.

The plan had been to walk over to the blood donation center, give blood and bus home. I only found out a few days ago that the donation centers were almost all open on Thanksgiving. Sounded like a good idea. Who knew it is apparently a “thing”. There were no open spots at the centers.

So we just wandered. First up to Maple Leaf

The mountain was out. Who expected that on a rainy day.

Turkey and football

The place was packed

Next up was the Green Lake area.

A neighbor told us that there is music to go with this light show

Starbucks, and then home.

The place was packed

Our 1/2 turkey is almost done. Next in the oven is the butternut squash. Then the green bean parmesean fries.

Note the skeksi from the Dark Crystal. It’s all about the food. At least our favorite scene.

Happy Thanksgiving

Fog, followed by Rain

November 21, 2018

Yesterday morning. Fog and cold meant scraping the windshield, again. (No, I don’t egregiously idle. Only if waiting for the inside of the window to clear. )

Foggy view to the east

Idiot lights, left to right. Brake, front defroster, rear defroster, snowflake = under 37°

The snowflake idiot light actually concerned me the first time it lit up, about 14 years ago. It looked like a gear, and I thought it had something to do with the engine of my new car. I had to look in the owner’s manual to see what it meant.

This morning, no need to scrape or even squeegee. The brief moment before the rains begin for the holiday weekend. We are off to the medical center for a follow up CT scan. Then back to work. It is quiet on the roads and hopefully at work.

I have a presentation on Monday, so must finish today or this weekend. I am pretty clear on what I want to show, I just have to put it together.

This AM appointment is sort of like all of the meetings over the last few days. Interrupting my work time. But I think because I think of it in that order, I must be interested and almost excited about getting the presentation put together.


Weekend Walkies

November 19, 2018

I mostly worked this weekend. Next week is a short week, and there are too many meetings to meet my next deadline. And so it goes. Although some was of the creative sort. How to make a presentation about technical information interesting enough so nobody falls asleep.

We did get out for a walk on Saturday. Through the farmer’s market for squash, squash, and garlic. Then on to the Burke Museum to check out the progress on the Tufts-Love T-Rex skull exposure. (They reported they even found some of the tiny inner ear bones.)

Right side

Left side

Close up right side

Left side lower jaw (moved away from the skull)

We dawdled among the football game crowd heading across campus, and finally headed home by way of Trader Joe’s. (Beans, ground turkey, peppers and pears)

Only Carl managed 10,000 steps on Sunday. But I did start our experiment in growing garlic.

We also got our soccer fix, watching several International games broadcast in Spanish. I’m surprised at the amount I understand, although I am sure I miss more than I get, and the nuances.

Carl did more grocery shopping, trying to find bits and pieces for Thanksgiving. He did not find a standalone turkey breast. But he did find a sort of half turkey thing. We’ll see what it really is on Thursday.

Doing Battle

November 13, 2018

Everyone fights their own battles. Two videos showed up in my inbox this morning, and made me think.

Some are rather like Don Quixote, tilting at windmills. Or large trees.

Others impact the very lives of many. The second was showing several strike teams from local fire departments deploying to the California wildfires. It will take them 2 days just to get there, and then they will stay for 1 or 2 weeks.

I remember many years ago following a wind storm, I saw a line of power company trucks from British Columbia arriving. We had been without power at work for 5 days. I was ready to get out and cheer for them.

Dinner prep

November 12, 2018

I joked about taking a picture of the computer for this blog, because I spent a lot of time pecking away at editing chapter 8 today. It needed to be done.

We did take a break to walk to the grocery store and back. Lamb burgers for dinner, along with roasted vegetables. I truly appreciate Carl’s cooking, particularly when my focus is elsewhere.

Carl has noticed a crow activity this year. They put potential food, like acorns, in the road, and then wait for cars to drive through and crack the nuts open. We walked by a murder (of crows) harvesting the street next to the grocery store.

Blue Skies

November 10, 2018

It was not really warm, but it was sunny. Time for a walk.

During the first mile I concentrated on finding the sunny side of the street. After some discussion we settled on Gas Works Park as our destination.

The quick route suggests 2 miles. Our route was not direct, closer to 2.5 or 3 miles one way.

Looking east, to the I-5 Ship Canal Bridge. See the vehicles on top.

Looking west to the Aurora Bridge

Gas Works

Tall gas giants

Short gassy giants

House boat village.

Origami cranes at the peace Park

An enjoyable way to spend some time outside. Definitely better than weeding.

The Mountain is Out

November 9, 2018

The potential for a rainy day is diminished but not erased.

The photo above was taken crossing the 520 bridge this morning. The westbound lanes of the bridge are going to be closed over the weekend so they can replace lightbulbs. Almost 2000 bulbs if I recall correctly. There is a walking path on the bridge, along the westbound lanes. I am plotting a walk, if the weather holds. Keeping the cars that much further away will enhance the experience I think.

Yes, I need to weed. But I would rather walk.

And now a view of the clouds approaching the ground, actually the water.


November 7, 2018

Just a few notes.

This is our current batch of items for the food bank. Not much to eat unless you’re a baby. What do others give?

It’s blood draw day. I never asked Carl if the phlebotomist was dressed as a vampire last week.

Slight kerfuffle at work yesterday. A contractor on a job unknown to my office, without calling for locates (call before you dig). He either hit or removed the dirt providing the stability for the main. The result was about 500,000 gallons of drinking water suddenly changing into surface water. Our first clue was from customers calling with low pressure or no water at all. When it had been found and isolated, the number of impacted customers was reduced to 5. They all had service by the end of the day, but the problem is not really fixed. The final fix is still to be identified. I wonder whether we will charge the contractor for the lost water?