Thanksgiving Wandering

It is pouring outside as I write. Dinner is in the oven.

Luckily for us we took an 11,000 step walk earlier this morning.

The plan had been to walk over to the blood donation center, give blood and bus home. I only found out a few days ago that the donation centers were almost all open on Thanksgiving. Sounded like a good idea. Who knew it is apparently a “thing”. There were no open spots at the centers.

So we just wandered. First up to Maple Leaf

The mountain was out. Who expected that on a rainy day.

Turkey and football

The place was packed

Next up was the Green Lake area.

A neighbor told us that there is music to go with this light show

Starbucks, and then home.

The place was packed

Our 1/2 turkey is almost done. Next in the oven is the butternut squash. Then the green bean parmesean fries.

Note the skeksi from the Dark Crystal. It’s all about the food. At least our favorite scene.

Happy Thanksgiving

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