Fog, followed by Rain

Yesterday morning. Fog and cold meant scraping the windshield, again. (No, I don’t egregiously idle. Only if waiting for the inside of the window to clear. )

Foggy view to the east

Idiot lights, left to right. Brake, front defroster, rear defroster, snowflake = under 37°

The snowflake idiot light actually concerned me the first time it lit up, about 14 years ago. It looked like a gear, and I thought it had something to do with the engine of my new car. I had to look in the owner’s manual to see what it meant.

This morning, no need to scrape or even squeegee. The brief moment before the rains begin for the holiday weekend. We are off to the medical center for a follow up CT scan. Then back to work. It is quiet on the roads and hopefully at work.

I have a presentation on Monday, so must finish today or this weekend. I am pretty clear on what I want to show, I just have to put it together.

This AM appointment is sort of like all of the meetings over the last few days. Interrupting my work time. But I think because I think of it in that order, I must be interested and almost excited about getting the presentation put together.


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