Weekend Walkies

I mostly worked this weekend. Next week is a short week, and there are too many meetings to meet my next deadline. And so it goes. Although some was of the creative sort. How to make a presentation about technical information interesting enough so nobody falls asleep.

We did get out for a walk on Saturday. Through the farmer’s market for squash, squash, and garlic. Then on to the Burke Museum to check out the progress on the Tufts-Love T-Rex skull exposure. (They reported they even found some of the tiny inner ear bones.)

Right side

Left side

Close up right side

Left side lower jaw (moved away from the skull)

We dawdled among the football game crowd heading across campus, and finally headed home by way of Trader Joe’s. (Beans, ground turkey, peppers and pears)

Only Carl managed 10,000 steps on Sunday. But I did start our experiment in growing garlic.

We also got our soccer fix, watching several International games broadcast in Spanish. I’m surprised at the amount I understand, although I am sure I miss more than I get, and the nuances.

Carl did more grocery shopping, trying to find bits and pieces for Thanksgiving. He did not find a standalone turkey breast. But he did find a sort of half turkey thing. We’ll see what it really is on Thursday.

One Response to “Weekend Walkies”

  1. jane Says:

    I couldn’t talk Harry into a turkey breast this year (brined version from TJ was my thought). I barely got the suggestion out before he nixed it.

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