Just a few notes.

This is our current batch of items for the food bank. Not much to eat unless you’re a baby. What do others give?

It’s blood draw day. I never asked Carl if the phlebotomist was dressed as a vampire last week.

Slight kerfuffle at work yesterday. A contractor on a job unknown to my office, without calling for locates (call before you dig). He either hit or removed the dirt providing the stability for the main. The result was about 500,000 gallons of drinking water suddenly changing into surface water. Our first clue was from customers calling with low pressure or no water at all. When it had been found and isolated, the number of impacted customers was reduced to 5. They all had service by the end of the day, but the problem is not really fixed. The final fix is still to be identified. I wonder whether we will charge the contractor for the lost water?

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