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Baseball Hangover

October 29, 2018

The day after.

Carl said he was slug-like until later in the day.

I was alternately focused and scattered. This was my desk at the end of the work day. I had hoped it would all be back in its file, but no. It is now tomorrow’s morning chore.

Game 5 Over and Out

October 28, 2018

Spaghetti and meatballs, salad, french bread and Tillamook ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

I will call this game, the game of the cat.

What happened to the food that was here?

My bag

Boston 5 over Dodgers 1. Boston is the World Series champion in 5 games.

The best part of the final game was the final out. Machado, the villain of the series, struck out swinging, down to one knee.

It has been a long season, but it’s time for the off season. (Otherwise known as the Holiday season.)

Picture from Jae C. Hong/Associated Press

Game 4

October 27, 2018

Full house tonight. The game only went half as long as yesterday’s game. At least half the number of innings. The game today was 3 hours 57 minutes, a bit more than half of yesterday’s 7 hours and 20 minutes. The Red Sox won tonight. I think the Dodger relievers were tired. All 6 of them pitched yesterday too.

The food was great tonight. Brisket, cole slaw and roasted vegetables with a pumpkin pie chaser.

Tomorrow could be the last game.

Game 3

October 27, 2018

Between game 2 and 3, there was work. And some movies. Taking advantage of the baseball pause, I watched the end of Dracula with Bela Lugosi, followed by The Mummy with Boris Karloff, and finally Snow White: A Tale of Terror with Sigourney Weaver. I had not seen any of these and they were my style of horror film. Not dependent on over-the-top blood and gore.

Game 3 saw a slightly smaller gathering. Food included a stir fry with sausage and shrimp. In case you don’t know, the game went a bit long.

Jim departed after 13 or 14 innings, so he could work on food for Game 4. Doug texted at some point to find out how the Dodgers scored their second run in the 13th, because he had fallen asleep after returning home from watching the earlier innings in a bar. I went to bed in the 15th. (I was essentially sleeping in a chair, and it was well past 11 PM.) Carl and Kevin lasted all 18 innings. The losing pitcher threw 97 pitches, and won’t be starting today’s game.

The article was on the back page of the sports section. I suppose that was easier for the editors to manage. Looking forward to see how the teams perform tonight.

Game 2

October 24, 2018

The day started early.

And is ending later.

In between there was work, tests, lab reports and the weekly prescription dose tweaks.

Followed by some baseball. Chili and salad for dinner. Good food and a reasonably good game as well.

The house entertainment was provided by Violet. She brings toys to her human to play.

Game 1

October 23, 2018

Back to work.

And then baseball. A house fluctuating between 6 and 8 friends watching slightly tape-delayed.

Carl spent some time decorating the house.

Tools of the baseball trade and the skeletons are playing catch. Okay, so only one is really visible.

Our personal bookstore display.

And of course, food. Deep dish pizza, salad and a few more bits and pieces. Followed by a birthday cream puff to share.

And game 1 goes to Boston.

Moving On

October 22, 2018

Our time in Colorado is drawing to a close. We did score 35 extra minutes with a flight delay. This morning we were able to get some breakfast and see Bob one more time before boarding the shuttle bus for DIA (now DEN).

Having Carl fly first class means we checked our bags. He could have left me for the premium security line, but the security location we chose, bridge security, had basically no line at all. And we made some money.

These coins were left in the tray for putting shoes, computers and loose change through security.

We thought we saw a toonie, but no luck. I think we have about $0.77 in Hungarian Forints (a 200 forint and a 20 forint coin), and another $0.77 in a 5 Kuna from Croatia. A toonie is currently worth about $1.56 US, so our 3 coins are worth almost the same. (But not as easy to use.)

The dry brown of Colorado fall.

We replaced the dry brown with the damp grey of fog. The reason for the flight delay and the cooler feel of temperatures that were really not that different.

Home again and ready for bed.

153 Birthday Buddies

October 21, 2018

The brunch bunch. Yes, there was bacon.

We had one errand today, to return a car. And we needed to work off brunch. Put it all together and we ended up with a one-way delivery followed by a 3 mile walk back. It was a lovely day, but the altitude gave the walk a longer feel.

So we met for a light dinner.

Oh, and also a celebration.

Birthday buddy 1 – Bob

Birthday buddy 2 – Jay

Birthday pie – yes, that’s a 91

I also got coffee in bed. A foodelish sort of day.


October 21, 2018

Not to be confused with today. That would be Sunday. Not enough to say about Sunday yet.

Yesterday the final team for the 2018 World Series was set. Carl thinks he’s going to root for the Seattle Pilots 2018 version, otherwise known as the Milwaukee Brewers. [None of the players from the 1969 Pilots remain on the team. ] He is also hoping this year’s villain, Machado, of the Dodgers, has a really poor showing, which just about guarantees he will be the MVP.

Saturday started with breakfast with a friend from our time of residence in the fun Fort. The food was good diner fare, and the better part was they did not pressure us to move along, even after we had long since finished our meal. The walk to the diner was about 32 degrees. It was quite a bit warmer on the return trip. Soon after that walk we were back to eating. This time it was bratwurst with Bob.

We finally edged away from the table to visit with Carl’s brother at his store in Old Town.

Steve suggested we wander by what had been a bar during our time in town, Washingtons. It has been repurposed as an auditorium, but one of the main decorations is still displayed. A stained glass window from 1895 depicting George Washington with the God and Goddess of Victory.

Originally from Pittsburgh, it was moved here in 1977, and hung in the bar until 2016. I’m not sure whether I am more impressed with it’s survival over the first 82 years or the last 39 in a bar.

Pardon the quality of the pictures.

On Friday we had been reminiscing with Bob about his younger days. One memory he shared concerned his 1940 Torpedo, two-door coupe. We looked up some pictures, it was quite the car. Carl and I thought for a moment we had found that car in a nearby parking lot.

Not quite the same make or model, but we were only off by one year.

1939 Chevrolet

The Fun Fort

October 19, 2018

Still Life in Hotel Room

It has been a glorious day here in Fort Collins. Blue sky. The temperature varies depending on the sun or shade of your location.

A pile of snow gave Carl the opportunity to create this little guy.

We drove up to Horsetooth Reservoir. Back when I was in graduate school, I would drive up to Horsetooth with my notes, books and a thermos of something warm to drink. Then I would try to make sense of fluid dynamics and boundary layer theory.

We even found the ERC (Engineering Research Center) where I had a computer lab to use. Most of the time available for students in my position were low on the totem pole for computer time. I got most of my time between 11 PM and 6 AM. Of course those were also Carl’s working hours and he occasionally worked in the ERC.