Moving On

Our time in Colorado is drawing to a close. We did score 35 extra minutes with a flight delay. This morning we were able to get some breakfast and see Bob one more time before boarding the shuttle bus for DIA (now DEN).

Having Carl fly first class means we checked our bags. He could have left me for the premium security line, but the security location we chose, bridge security, had basically no line at all. And we made some money.

These coins were left in the tray for putting shoes, computers and loose change through security.

We thought we saw a toonie, but no luck. I think we have about $0.77 in Hungarian Forints (a 200 forint and a 20 forint coin), and another $0.77 in a 5 Kuna from Croatia. A toonie is currently worth about $1.56 US, so our 3 coins are worth almost the same. (But not as easy to use.)

The dry brown of Colorado fall.

We replaced the dry brown with the damp grey of fog. The reason for the flight delay and the cooler feel of temperatures that were really not that different.

Home again and ready for bed.

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