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January 19, 2023

🎶Get me to the work on time 🎶

I got to work just before 8 this morning. I wasn’t late, but right on time. I usually get to work around 7. And to top off my almost lateness, I am working from home today.

The occasion? I read late last night, finishing The Help.

It was a really good read, and I just didn’t want to stop as I neared the end. The events seem like they should be so long ago, but the story is set during my lifetime.

I don’t think I have seen the movie, at least not the entire movie. Perhaps a bit here and there on TV. But now I will look for it. Although this could be one where the book is just better. I feel that way about The Martian, but completely enjoy the movie as well.

Working from home I have been trying to manage without turning the thermostat up to my comfort zone. But I am a cold person, and it’s just a bit difficult.

Blanket and gloves at work