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Some people

January 17, 2023

I spent almost all day today working on looking at comments on the big Plan. Answering the comments and in some cases making edits to the Plan. So far the comments have been reasonable and reasoned. And from agencies. One more set of Agency comments and then I get to deal with the non-agency comments. Generally I don’t mind these, but three of the five are written in a manner that is exhausting to decifer. I have to pick through to see if there is a comment, question or request, and then figure out whether to paraphrase or not. It will probably take as long as all of the agency comments put together.

So that was a bit of a rant.

Tomorrow will not be the day I can finish because I have about 1 hour free and the rest is back to back meetings. And lunch. We are finally having our “Holiday ” lunch. It may be tasty, but I am hoping to get a chance to chat with some of our newer folks.

And in the almost exciting category, the W2 has arrived! Let the tax season begin.