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January 4, 2023

Work continues to be busy in an all over the place way. That means I was working on many different things for short periods of time, rather than working for a good period on one of the bigger projects.

So let’s think about vacation planning.

February to March = Spring Training. Not for me, but for my husband and his baseball buddies. And I serve as the travel agent. So far we have plane flights and tickets to 4 of 5 planned games. What we don’t have firmed up is a place to stay. There is a chance they may be able to stay with a friend. But said friend needed to clear it with his wife. So I may look for an Airbnb as a backup.

On the baseball theme, we need to figure out what games we want to go to, and what games we share with friends (for a price, but face value). People want to make plans, so we need to make decisions. Usually we start by offering games when we will be on vacation. So what are we doing for vacation?

Somebody else’s vacation

There is the All Star game in July. That’s a vacation at home.

When else and where else to go.

This should be a fun thing, and yet this evening it feels like another chore. Maybe something to work on this weekend.