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Super Sunday

February 12, 2023

So, spoiler alert in case you have the game waiting on tape. And if you haven’t done Wordle today, and plan to, don’t scroll too far.

Kansas City Chiefs won. Yeah. Not that I really have an allegiance to either team, but Patrick Mahomes II is the son of a major league baseball player. My biggest complaint about KC is the inane and offensive chant that they do.

The saga of the hacked credit card continued with updating accounts that automatically charge the card. There’s at least one I have to call, but I think that chore is pretty much done.

And we took a relatively short walk to the grocery store to get some snacks.

Interesting tree. Like Frankenstein’s monster

As part of a more normal Sunday I played Wordle in the morning. Something I have never accomplished before. Got it in one.

Unexpected Chores

February 5, 2023

And here we go. I got an email from Scarecrow Video, because we are members. They had a link to an article about their store from CNN.

And I watched the Scarecrow story during my normal weekend chore of paying bills and balancing the books. The link was provided to me through an email.

But then there was the other email. Actually a few of them. Two that were obviously spam, with addresses clearly not associated with the subject line. Then one indicating I had signed up for a new account. ???? This was not on my radar. Followed closely by a Fraud alert from our credit card company. YES we were hacked. Two charges, including the one that the CC company caught. I immediately called, checked our account and found the second charge, which they will remove. So the card in question is cancelled with a new card on the way. When it arrives I will spend a few hours tracking down the places that charge automatically.

The only thing that made today easier was after this happened before a few years ago, we got a 2nd credit card. So we could actually still spend money today, if we chose.

We also took a walk, in the drizzle again. And I am sure I took a picture, but it is not on my camera now.

Back to the day’s main events. I got emails from both of the companies where the card was used, not by us. I replied to both, they already had my email, and suggested they cancel the purchase and not send the merchandise. One of the emails even had a name and address of where the purchase was to be sent. I plan to offer this info to the credit card company tomorrow.

So, to make my scattered brain think I did something today I am posting a picture from this morning. Breakfast before the day started.


February 4, 2023

Today was a typical Seattle winter day. At least how I remember them. You can be out in the rain all day and never get wet. Damp yes, wet no. This is why many Seattleites eschew umbrellas.

We walked in the rain. A few errands, and dropped off our ballot in a ballot box. King County adds more ballot boxes every year, and ballots may be mailed with no postage affixed. This is what making voting easier looks like.

The most exciting thing that happened on the walk was the number of sirens and emergency vehicles we encountered. First it was 2 fire trucks and a medic responding to a location a few blocks off of our route. Then there were numerous police and state patrol vehicles whizzing around with lights and sirens. I figure there were at least 10, and we rather veered away from the roads they were traveling.

I took what I thought might be a nice picture of moss on steps, but apparently my phone disagreed and decided to not save the image. So I will share one from a few days ago, notice the sun.

Detritus abandoned between the street and sidewalk.