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On to December

November 29, 2020

T-day is over. All of our leftovers have been consumed, although there are some “fresh” spices to be used in other dishes.

Yesterday we managed a good walk, several miles. We explored a bit of new neighborhood, for us, while waiting for our grocery pickup time to arrive. Today included errands that required a car, or a full day’s walk, so we drove here, there and then the other place. The very last place was a brewery, for a 4 pack. Just regular beer, supporting our local brewer friend. It was close, more or less, to one of Carl’s kids from a few years back. So we parked at the brewery and walked into the neighborhood for a front porch chat. The dad had open heart surgery in 2020, so they commiserated and compared war stories, but not scars. Too chilly.

We have been busy, but have not started decorating yet. We will probably get a tree, so need to start soon.

For now I will share Ashlan and Allen’s festive efforts. The ornaments are Carl’s Mom’s non-picture designs.

The full look, and the Queensboro Bridge and skyline beyond.

If you zoom in you can see what else they have in their relatively uncluttered apartment.

Friday, but far from black

November 27, 2020

I know it is a weekday because my alarm went off this morning. But I did keep trying to do weekend things, like planning a walk to the farmer’s market, or getting the garbage ready to put on the curb.

I won’t say we didn’t partake of a bit of the madness that is the day after Thanksgiving, but most of our shopping was the normal pick up variety, including groceries.

Because it was a sunny day, a walk had to be taken. We parked at the grocery store and headed out to a nearby neighborhood. It is a bit more upscale than our neighborhood, with some of the houses having waterfront on Lake Washington. We also found some small public lake access points.

I think this house is confusing. Halloween with pumpkins, Christmas with a wreath, but no Thanksgiving decorations.

A very enjoyable walk, and we got back to the car in plenty of time for our pickup.

Dinner tonight was almost the same as yesterday. Good again, and we finished about 2/3rds of the pieces that made the dinner. A bit of turkey, and some cheese spread are all that is left.

And we still have a weekend to go.

T Day

November 26, 2020

We started the day with a walk, pre-dinner. This is my point of view for much of the walk.

Fogged and rain-splattered

We have chatted with several folks over different venues. Lamb and Turkey were tied at 2 each, with steak as the runner up. Since our turkey is wrapped in bacon, pork gets an honorable mention.

There’s a turkey breast in there somewhere.

It wasn’t all decadent.

Sweet potato fries, bacon wrapped turkey, cheese dip for rosemary bread and cauliflower

Tomorrow maybe we’ll think about decorating.

Cross Words

November 25, 2020

What to work on today?

Ignore the Galapagos, it’s out of our jurisdiction

I have been saving the LA Times and NY Times Saturday and Sunday crossword puzzles from the print copy to do when I have time and focus. I may be in August now. I tried doing one from the digital version of the paper on my phone, but it didn’t have the same feel (and for some reason the NY Times version gets cut off on the right, unless you have chosen a word that goes to the edge. It’s an acknowledged issue, but not corrected.)

I don’t know how manatees came to be part of our family friends. We live a long way from where they live, but they are a favorite animal.

My father actually saw the Hindenburg airship the day before it went down, or is it up.

These two things join in our family’s lexicon. “Oh the humanity!,” became, “Oh, the huge manatee.”

So Ashlan just had to share this gem

I don’t know which crossword this is, but it made me laugh.

And in other news for those familiar with Seattle icons.

On the first leg to MOHAI

Down a Pint

November 24, 2020

Yesterday’s list of meetings was Interrupted by a trip to the blood bank. To make a deposit. This particular bank is actually a church, and not one I had been to before. This afforded my driver the opportunity to walk in a new neighborhood while I reclined.

I have donated before, but don’t recall the squeeze ball ever giving me the finger.

It flipped me off with every squeeze

Anyway, it all came out all right, and besides feeling drained, we are back into our normal, sequestered life.

Triple chin look

Is it too early?

November 16, 2020

This entire year has been screwy from a time perspective. It is flying by, and hard to discern what was last week, or was it last month, or 4 months ago. The sameness of my views is a large contributor to this inability to parse time. That, or just being older.

So I started holiday shopping this past weekend. It seems early, but there you have it.

Perhaps I’ll blame Ashlan for putting Christmas icons front and center.

From a Seattle Times article
From hardy souls out and about in NYC

The picture was intended to show off Ashlan’s haircut. Allen thought it was just a minor trim, but Ashlan claims 5 inches gone. I’m still growing my mane. Not willing to go there, yet.

Back to the task at hand, working to replenish the coffers from all that shopping.

Late post, oops

November 14, 2020

Our own little bit of Jeopardy

I’m glad I didn’t know about losing Alex Mr.Trebek until after our zoom for Corwin’s party. It would have put a damper on the festivities, including a double cupcake smash cake, made with banana, applesauce a blueberry whipped cream topping and other ingredients I do not recall.

All the grandparents

We did manage a good walk in the cold sunshine, but most of my day was spent filing. Several months of regular paper that arrives at our doorstep, and 2-1/2 years of Explanations of Benefits statements. All in the name of getting ready to move some furniture around. Note that no furniture has actually moved yet, but I am a lot closer to pulling that pin. The main piece to be moved needs to have its current contents curated, and some relocated. Then there will be nothing holding me back.


November 14, 2020

As in cases going up. Everywhere it seems.

Blood test required, so off to the health facility

As in one of the in-laws best friend, a veteran of WWII, who survived but paid a heavy price. Spike was a great guy, and a good friend of many decades. In fact he introduced Bob and Doris when he had 2 blind dates on the same night. I don’t know the details of his service, except that he had foot issues and spent time recovering in Havana after his return.

As in my work load. A 3:30 meeting on a Friday afternoon to talk about what’s needed for a newly introduced item for a 3:30 meeting on Monday. But Friday was pretty productive up to that point. So, no worries, it’s supposed to start raining soon, which makes it easier to stay in and work.

As in the number of cats in the Paws adoption shelter we passed on our walk today. We often adjust our walk home from wherever to go by the shelter and look at the cats through the windows. The number to watch varies greatly. Today there were a lot, including some very active kittens. The rest of the walk was a bit of neighborhoods and the farmer’s market. Brussel sprouts and petite potatoes today. Carl roasted some for lunch to go with fried onion, bacon, tomato, turkey burgers. The tomatoes included some from our garden that have been ripening in a brown paper bag with a banana.

Hunkering down to make an online order for grocery pickup. Back into very limited social interactions. I find myself thinking of ways to avoid going to work. Nobody has asked me to go in for the next week or two, and for a change I really don’t want to go in.


November 8, 2020

290 is so much higher than 270

Memories of one year ago.

I remember parts of that day. Unexpected is the first word that comes to mind, with excitedly happy a close second (and third). In these times of instant communication, it took quite a while for me to get the news. Time spent quietly in a closed room, off the grid, deep in work. Followed by notes to call home, missed calls and messages. There have been many times I have not listened to messages before returning a call, and been admonished for my laziness. I did not listen to any messages, and called home. Carl was excited, but less than clear during the initial stages of the conversation. He assumed I knew. knew what? It was the type of conversation that could be the basis of a comedy. In our defense, Corwin was about a month early.

So much has changed since that day.

New home, lots of exploring the space, new work environments, lots of new clothes, and finally a new president (elect).

We are so happy, still, and so proud of the thoughtful way Rey and Becca are bringing up Corwin.


November 7, 2020
Today’s walk
17 year old Glenlivet
Cheap champagne

It’s a good day to celebrate.