On to December

T-day is over. All of our leftovers have been consumed, although there are some “fresh” spices to be used in other dishes.

Yesterday we managed a good walk, several miles. We explored a bit of new neighborhood, for us, while waiting for our grocery pickup time to arrive. Today included errands that required a car, or a full day’s walk, so we drove here, there and then the other place. The very last place was a brewery, for a 4 pack. Just regular beer, supporting our local brewer friend. It was close, more or less, to one of Carl’s kids from a few years back. So we parked at the brewery and walked into the neighborhood for a front porch chat. The dad had open heart surgery in 2020, so they commiserated and compared war stories, but not scars. Too chilly.

We have been busy, but have not started decorating yet. We will probably get a tree, so need to start soon.

For now I will share Ashlan and Allen’s festive efforts. The ornaments are Carl’s Mom’s non-picture designs.

The full look, and the Queensboro Bridge and skyline beyond.

If you zoom in you can see what else they have in their relatively uncluttered apartment.

3 Responses to “On to December”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Books? A stocking? Help! My kids loved those I Spy books, but I was terrible. 🙂 I’m not sure yet if I’m decorating at all; if I do, it will be minimally. It will depend on where I spend the holiday.

    • raincharm Says:

      Of course, I know what I am looking at, so it’s easier for me. There’s a model of a diving helmet on the third shelf from the bottom of the bookcase. In the narrow view it’s easier to see. There are lights inside the helmet in the other picture. And in the wider picture there is a nativity on the right side of the window sill.
      The stocking is one made by my husband’s mother years ago.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Nice tree!

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