It’s Beginning to Look…

We got our Christmas tree last weekend. The lot was moved, but we still got to support one of the local elementary schools. Green Lake is Ashlan’s elementary school, but now kids on our street go to MacDonald.

We brought it inside right away, but it languished in its naked state for a few days. I did keep it watered.

In Michigan the decorating has begun.

Always the most important ornament

Totally by coincidence, breakfast this morning

Back in Seattle, I finally got a few lights hung, and mantel decorations started to appear. Yesterday morning I got inspired, or was avoiding work for a few more minutes, and hung some ornaments.

Our smallish tree

Compare ours to an NYC apartment tree on the previous post, or The NYC tree.

Notice anything sparkly?

Hint, not the tree. That’s our exciting news last night. In a very dark Central Park Allen asked Ashlan, and she said yes. Pretty exciting.

Allen had asked us and others to provide a short video of our reaction to the idea. Here is ours

We approve! Theo is their cat
Almost real time reaction

There was video footage, but it is a dark place, so excuse the video quality.

She said Yes

Just for fun. The backstory is that Ashlan wouldn’t stop work early…

The fun part
Sharing with Grandma Doris through her handiwork

And a Happy Birthday to Becca too. What a great day

2 Responses to “It’s Beginning to Look…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What great news! Carl is right that if their relationship can survive and even thrive during a pandemic, they have it made. 🙂 Your tree is beautiful. I’m relieved to not be putting one up this year.

  2. RegenAxe Says:


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