Nude Snowman Reclining

It doesn’t matter that it was late, sometimes you just have to follow tradition.

Nude Snowman Reclining

A year ago or so it snowed. Carl did not go out to make a snowman. The family across the street were worried he was ill. It was really due to poor packing snow. So he went out, and they helped build his snowman.

With the artist, and a clean lawn.

2 Responses to “Nude Snowman Reclining”

  1. Margaret Says:

    He looks he’s hunted that snowman down! Was that the February 2019 storm? That was very dry snow and difficult to pack.

    • raincharm Says:

      It was January 2019, several cold days in a row I think. And he does look like a hunter with his prey, although I think the snowman put up a good fight.

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