Bits of this and that

I worked the first half of today before doing the last final errands. Last groceries forgotten and delivering Christmas to Carl’s kids. It’s a little weird calling them Carl’s kids when he hasn’t cared for them since mid-February.

Then we had our traditional walk through Candy Cane Lane, a block where all of the 23 houses decorate, since 1949. We walked from home, and it was a nice outing. Keeping the 6 foot space between walkers was a bit challenging at times, but we managed.

The center Island. Not the most picturesque part, but good enough for me.

This was followed by takeout from a Chinese restaurant. We have done this before, and it seems to be a tradition way beyond us. I don’t know where or how it started. This restaurant has been around for a long time, and apparently has a following. Old school with no restaurant based on-line ordering. I started calling at 11:30 when they opened for lunch, and got through after about 5 tries. Pickup at 6:30. We got there at 6:30, and there were 2 lines, 1 for pickup and the other for ordering (those that gave up trying to get through on the phone). Finally somebody came out and asked who was there for pickup. We won the lottery and were the next called in. The person in front of us was completing their order, for pickup at 8:30. After that they said no more new orders, I am sure there were a few waiting that were disappointed.

Dinner was delicious, and plenty of leftovers too.

The big neighborhood news today was the fire at the old, closed Seven Gables Theater, a few blocks south of us. We heard the sirens, the theater was half a block from a fire station, but there were many sirens. I looked up the fire call and figured it was most likely the theater because it was a boarded up building, likely providing shelter to some transients. The other choices for the reported intersection were the public library (horrors), a newer retail/apartment building or a small strip mall type restaurant. We could see the smoke and they ended up closing several of the streets in the area.

Watching the news I counted at least 10 fire engines. Quite the sight, and just another change to our changing neighborhood.

Our dinner is done and I think we’re ready for Christmas.

This is a bit I saw on the interwebs, but I thought I would share because it made me laugh. As we close 2020, something to think about:

1.     The dumbest thing I ever bought was a 2020 planner.
2.     I was so bored I called Jake from State Farm just to talk to someone.  He asked me what I was wearing.
3.     2019:  Stay away from negative people.  2020:  Stay away from positive people.
4.     The world has turned upside down.  Old folks are sneaking out of the house & their kids are yelling at them to stay indoors!
5.     This morning I saw a neighbor talking to her dog.  It was obvious she thought her dog understood her.  I came into my house & told my cat.  We laughed a lot.
6.     Every few days try your jeans on just to make sure they fit.  Pajamas will have you believe all is well in the kingdom.
7. Does anyone know if we can take showers yet or should we just keep washing our hands?
8. This virus has done what no woman has been able to do.  Cancel sports, shut down all bars & keep men at home!
9. I never thought the comment, “I wouldn’t touch him/her with a 6-foot pole” would become a national policy, but here we are!
10. I need to practice social-distancing from the refrigerator.
11. I hope the weather is good tomorrow for my trip to the Backyard.  I’m getting tired of the Living Room.
12. Never in a million years could I have imagined I would go up to a bank teller wearing a mask & ask for money.

4 Responses to “Bits of this and that”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a great meal, although complicated. I haven’t done enough take out because the procedure stresses me out. Very pretty tree! #3, unfortunately, yes. (especially some days)

    • raincharm Says:

      Number 4 is the one that hits home for me. 4.     The world has turned upside down.  Old folks are sneaking out of the house & their kids are yelling at them to stay indoors!

  2. jane Says:

    #4. Harry went to the grocery store last week! I scolded him. again. but he wanted to pick out the standing rib roast. With only 3 ribs this year – the smallest they had.
    Heading over shortly to make cheese soufflé and bacon for breakfast!

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    Yes #4, although they were all good. The juxtaposition of the theatre fire pic with “our dinner is done…” directly underneath made me laugh even before I got to the 2020 thoughts! Says the woman whose pumpkin pie crust is once again a little overdone. 😦

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