Late post, oops

Our own little bit of Jeopardy

I’m glad I didn’t know about losing Alex Mr.Trebek until after our zoom for Corwin’s party. It would have put a damper on the festivities, including a double cupcake smash cake, made with banana, applesauce a blueberry whipped cream topping and other ingredients I do not recall.

All the grandparents

We did manage a good walk in the cold sunshine, but most of my day was spent filing. Several months of regular paper that arrives at our doorstep, and 2-1/2 years of Explanations of Benefits statements. All in the name of getting ready to move some furniture around. Note that no furniture has actually moved yet, but I am a lot closer to pulling that pin. The main piece to be moved needs to have its current contents curated, and some relocated. Then there will be nothing holding me back.

One Response to “Late post, oops”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    Happy Birthday to Corwin! I wanted to unload and get rid of my huge oak entertainment center, but it’s such an overwhelming project. At least you’re taking those important first steps! Very sad to lose Trebek, although pancreatic cancer has one of the worst survival rates, so it wasn’t much of a surprise. 😦

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