As in cases going up. Everywhere it seems.

Blood test required, so off to the health facility

As in one of the in-laws best friend, a veteran of WWII, who survived but paid a heavy price. Spike was a great guy, and a good friend of many decades. In fact he introduced Bob and Doris when he had 2 blind dates on the same night. I don’t know the details of his service, except that he had foot issues and spent time recovering in Havana after his return.

As in my work load. A 3:30 meeting on a Friday afternoon to talk about what’s needed for a newly introduced item for a 3:30 meeting on Monday. But Friday was pretty productive up to that point. So, no worries, it’s supposed to start raining soon, which makes it easier to stay in and work.

As in the number of cats in the Paws adoption shelter we passed on our walk today. We often adjust our walk home from wherever to go by the shelter and look at the cats through the windows. The number to watch varies greatly. Today there were a lot, including some very active kittens. The rest of the walk was a bit of neighborhoods and the farmer’s market. Brussel sprouts and petite potatoes today. Carl roasted some for lunch to go with fried onion, bacon, tomato, turkey burgers. The tomatoes included some from our garden that have been ripening in a brown paper bag with a banana.

Hunkering down to make an online order for grocery pickup. Back into very limited social interactions. I find myself thinking of ways to avoid going to work. Nobody has asked me to go in for the next week or two, and for a change I really don’t want to go in.

One Response to “Spike”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    We aren’t even close to the Dakotas in our spikes; I can’t imagine what it must be like there! I’m thankful that we’ve had such a smart and science respecting governor. I’m doing pick up again, and my social interactions are already very limited so I’m hoping that will be enough.

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