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Is it too early?

November 16, 2020

This entire year has been screwy from a time perspective. It is flying by, and hard to discern what was last week, or was it last month, or 4 months ago. The sameness of my views is a large contributor to this inability to parse time. That, or just being older.

So I started holiday shopping this past weekend. It seems early, but there you have it.

Perhaps I’ll blame Ashlan for putting Christmas icons front and center.

From a Seattle Times article
From hardy souls out and about in NYC

The picture was intended to show off Ashlan’s haircut. Allen thought it was just a minor trim, but Ashlan claims 5 inches gone. I’m still growing my mane. Not willing to go there, yet.

Back to the task at hand, working to replenish the coffers from all that shopping.