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Weather Report

December 14, 2018

The Mountain is really pretty this morning in the dawn. Many different shades of blue that subtly show the definition of the different slopes. All under a deck of clouds. No picture because it would not look anything like what my eyes could see.

Note the cloud deck. That goes with the forecast.

Again, we have to remember the Seattle refrain, “If you wait for the rain to stop, you won’t get much done.”

We do hope to get some walking in this coming weekend. Maybe figure out how to complete interior decor for the holidays.

Last night we watched a movie recommended by a friend. The Lobster. It was an interesting take on a society where it was necessary for adults to be part of a couple. And if you weren’t and couldn’t find a partner that shared a common characteristic, such as nearsightedness, there were consequences. Carl found it flat. I was more intrigued. This film has the same director as the recently released, The Favourite.