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What is Going On

December 5, 2018

I was supposed to decorate this weekend. It didn’t happen. It’s not too late to complete the task. More likely to happen on Friday. I have decided to take a day of vacation!

The trick now is to not take work home for Friday. But if I have enough to keep me busy, work may fade to the background. (And there’s always Satuqrday and Sunday)

We did get a nice 5 mile walk in on Sunday. Sunday was forecast to be the dry day of the weekend, but it poured. Until it stopped. And luckily, that’s when we left. The weather is cold and clear now that we’re into the work week,

but will turn to rain as time off approaches. 🤨

We went to Annie last night.

It was good and enjoyable. And we got dinner out. All good. But the show didn’t knock my socks off. Next week we’re going to see the sequel, Annie Get Your Gun.

Actually, we are planning a Friday excursion to a middle school play, under the tutelage of one friend’s daughter, with one of Carl’s prior charges in the cast. (Lillian for those keeping track.)