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It’s a Wrap

December 11, 2018

All I can see is Red and Green!

But it’s fun. I am actually enjoying going through the motions. I can picture the recipient and my version of their reactions. Of course, this will be followed by the reality of the post office. My goal is to be ready to go before this weekend….

Stay tuned for schedule updates.

On the weather front, rain.

Not showers, drizzle or mist. Rain. Use your windshield wipers unintermitently. But not on high. Not pouring down, can it rain any harder downpours. Just rain.

Get ready for the rest of winter. Which I prefer to ice, and even to fog. A little fog is nice, but not days in a row. The lack of sun can be draining, but it is dark most of the day anyway. Sunrise at 7:47 and sunset at 4:18. Dark when work starts and ends.

Not grousing. It’s going to be a good day.