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Working at Home

March 21, 2020

Many are now learning the ins and outs of working from home. Everyone has a slightly different experience. From isolation, good and bad, to sharing the work space. I have one co-worker with 4 adults in the house stressing their bandwidth. And those with small children have an entirely different dynamic to manage.

We have just the two of us. We are managing, and Carl is understanding more of what I do for a living.

Hard to tell, but he is on my knee

Since today is not a workday our midday walk was much longer. Over 4 miles by my tracker. We wandered around Tangletown, an area with streets that don’t strictly adhere to the grid system. My parents neighborhood is referred to as the spaghetti bowl I think.

Today’s Twisty Tree

Carl’s imitation twist

The other tackled task included chatting with Rey and Becca for a while. As per usual I learned something new. It had to do with the connection between Cincinnati, Cincinnatus and General George Washington, and the Society of Cincinnati that appreciated their similarities. This is likely not fully correct as I didn’t take notes. If you want an explanation I will put you in touch with Rey.